10 Endrathukulla Movie Review

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10-Enradhukulla-Movie-Poster-1Genre: Stunts * protagonist the viewers’ and the movie makes a visual treat, which superfluous flour the hero is a defy in car driver.

Romantic * sequences are overrated in the beauty of the heroine and with the mass hero combination and coarseness are dab.

Outline: The stepping up director Vijay Milton and with the combination of AR Murugadoss, ‘Pathu Ennurathukula’ is an entirely different movie from the previous film I to the hero Vikram, he has made a nonchalantly dressed up and the first appearance is car chasing sequence, the hero is professionals as a car driver, he can target his assigned duty within 10 seconds. He has a story for the reason to do the illicit activities. The heroine’s innocuous appearance trickle in the second half.

Story: The title Pathu Ennurathukula shows the capacity of the character (Hero), complete his any unlawful jobs. The heroine Shakeela works in a beauty parlor and stay in the hostel, her plan is to learn car driving for her future job. But she makes ridiculous in her behaviors and in the driving, this gets flop and made attempts to get a driving license. In this situation, Pasupathi is imputed to the hero, a ceased car should hand over to the mob, stay in the place Uttarakhand. In his guts the hero travel to the destination, without awareness, the heroine is the fair game for the group. In the second half of the movie, the reason behind, why the hero travel to Mussoorie makes the abeyance to the audiences.

Pathu Ennurathukula is a nonsensical title, that hero has possible to do everything within 10 seconds. In the story part, high caste and lower caste discrimination have many scripts had dumped up in Tamil language and in Tamil Nadu, the director has concentrated on erstwhile version, with new variants. For caste favoritism, the director travelled North part of India, Uttarakhand and to expose their rituals. An infantile appearance of Shakeela is better Samantha’s second half visual aspect in Uttarakhand. As usual Mano Bala comes out in a single portion. The hero Vikram unidentified and reveals the far-famed person names in every sequence, its a quite cinematic.

Verdict: Pathu Ennurathukula is a tolerable to the viewers’ for one time watching in the theatre.


Vikram *James Bond

Samantha * Shakeela


Rahul Dev

Abhimanyu Singh



Sampoornesh Babu

Charmy Kaur (cameo)

Goli Soda Seetha

Jackie Shroff


Directed * Vijay Milton

Produced * AR Murugadoss

Written * Vijay Milton

Sampoornesh Babu Music * D. Imman Anoop Seelin (BGM)

Cinematography * Bhaskaran K.M

Edited * Sreekar Prasad

Production * A.R Murugadoss

Distributed by Fox Star Studios

Running time 144:22


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