100 Movie Review

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Troubled people’s tidings bring to the knowledge of cops by dialing the number of 100.

Synopsis: We have heard the 1990’s film “Aavasara Police 100“ the title and story belongs to a policeman drawback in the initial stage and power pack of police eccentric getting involved, the flick “100“ Sathya dream is to work in a police department and his girl friend Megha Venkatraman who works in a call center, Sathya annoyed about his girlfriend job, sitting in a place talking with the people is not an acceptable job.

After teasing her lover, Sathya gets an offer from the police department with all excitement Sathya steps in the control room, once he steps in that he felt about the knowledge about his job, attending the calls from the public, the story might start from distinctive angle and reaches to the destination of safeguarding the young females from the culprit.

Atharvaa plays in the leading role, whereas Hansika Motwani, Yogi Babu, Mime Gopi, Radha Ravi and Jangiri Madhumitha endorse the film. The film was directed by Sam Anton and music was composed by Sam C. S, now a days Kollywood industry concentrates on women brutality, which was happening in the society.

Story: Sathya sub inspector whose ultimate goal is to take risks in his job that he wanted to do adventure in his investigation. Unfortunately, his dream job meshes up that he was placed in the control room. Initial, Sathya gets annoyed with his job by attending the calls. Suddenly, a lady voice made him associated. A school going boy was kidnapped and by his intelligence investigation made him proud that he chased criminal in a short span and protect the small boy and hand over to his parents.

In the control room every policemen celebrates their 100th call and they believed in the 100th call would give a turning point to them. In this scenario, a school going girl was missing and the cops identify a dead body and concluded that was the missing girl and the case was closed.

In this situation, 100th call was the missing girl and she was kidnapped by a gang. Now the cop Sathya involved in the issue and gives his promise towards Sandhya that he would safeguard her. The first half made lethargic moves.

When Sathya steps into the control room and started to investigate the innocent girls were getting targeted and for all these muddiness was getting solved by the girl statement and the culprit was near to him which holding the attention in the film

Atharvaa holds his position as in the distinctive screenplays. The script was dull in the first half and somehow managed with the investigation of missing girl. Hansika eccentric used in few sequences and she disappeared again jumped at the climax, Hansika charming and the graceful voice was lacking. The music of Sam C. S made a seemliness attempt and Krishnan Vasanth focused on passable way.

Verdict: 100 – got pass mark.

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Atharvaa * SI Sathya

Hansika Motwani * Megha Venkatraman

Yogi Babu

Mime Gopi

Rahul Dev

Radha Ravi

Jangiri Madhumitha

Akashdeep Saigal

pillayar Ruthru



Directed by * Sam Anton

Produced by * Kaviya Mahesh

Written by * Sam Anton

Music by * Sam C. S.

Cinematography * Krishnan Vasant

Edited by * Praveen K. L.

Production Company * Auraa Cinemas

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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