143 Movie Review

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Genre: Amorous * a full of romance or expressing deep emotion.

Synopsis: An unveiling director Rishi, who have come even as a hero in the movie 143, Rishi plays a vital role, Priyanka Sharks and Nakshathra Reddy support toward the film. The content based on a quixotic between the pair. The two people Karthi and Madhu, lives in a different point, both gets love affair with each other. The film was produced by Padmaja Penmesta. The flick “143” despite an unusual ceasing still does not expunge.

Story: A romantic film, opens up with that the guy who lives in a happy life and in that situation his father who send him towards city for living a better life, luckily he attempts to win a girl’s love in several ways. The fellow never mind for going to any extent to acquire the love of the girl.

Even the guy intends and try to get a love with the girl is a greatest attainment that the man could ever have in his life. The lady falls in love with the hero and a great impact made changes in their love life. The girl asks him not to follow her or rejects his love instantly, the hero gets depressed.

The audience has experienced many love failure movies that fixes with tragedy end of a man’s greatest dream in life. The film143 is a skilled based seemly film, has all these, but it is firmness that it feels different.

Verdict: Drama


Rishi Gangadhar

Priyanka Sharma

Nakshathra Reddy



Director & Screenplay * Rishi Gangadhar

Producer * Padmaja Penmesta

Musician * Vijay Bhaskar G

Cinematographer * Rajesh J K

Editor * Suresh Urs

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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