18.05.2009 Movie Review

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Genre: Emote * strong feelings of the particular people and contending towards the living human inhabitants of the earth.

Synopsis: With all struggling the director choose a prime docudrama, that in Srilankan Tamilian were faced the belligerent consequences and the most of the people lost their lives. In the date of 18. 05.2009 a sinless lady was affected in an atrocious way and the victim lady had been hit by the Srilankan authorities and the society, nearby countries and UNESCO were kept quiet and there is no justice for the wretched woman.

Initially, the story moves with little commercially in the place of Srilankan. A womanhood keeps affair with Tamilian fighter, among the gang with a guy, later the sequels grabbing the attention of the audience that the woman was treated with an abruptly in a precipitous manner.

Story: K Ganeshan had pioneered a salutary script, this should really spread all over the countries and he had given with svelte commercial-grade. In the year of 1983 a child Tamilselvi, who lost her parents and shelter under relative. At a point, her younger sister joins in Tamilian gang to get humanity among their people.

By seeing this, Tamilselvi getting interested to join in the same gang. Unfortunately, the young girl had holes in her heart that not possible to join with the gang to give service for her Tamilian gang. With her qualification and talent her path tracks in different side to service her people and she joins in a television channel, gives the true statements about the happenings among the society.

The second half contains lots of tragedy, Tamilselvi loses her born born during the battle and she was crucially ill-treated. Really a woman had a strong will power to keep the secrets, her chastity behaved badly by the culprit.

Hats off to the director, every mankind people searches justices for people in different ways, K Ganeshan raise his feelings towards the movie 18.05.2009.

As for the commercial aspects, he had stuffed with love song and the beginning life of Tamilsevi, which was going slow, the audience should visualize the girl artist Dhanya in the character of Tamilselvi and should analysis the depth of struggling of a lady in the year of 18.05.2009.

Verdict: Juridic is lost for the lady Tamilselvi and a good infotainment screenplay.




Chandrabose Subhash


Director * K Ganeshan

Music * NA Muthukumar

Lyricist * Palani Bharathi

PRO * Mounamravi

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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