2.O Movie Review

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Seizing with technology on the whole extent, based with the scientific theories and hypotheses frame out as a fantasy film, the flick “2.O” hit at the uttermost vitalities.

Synopsis: The director S. Shankar erstwhile movies had largely given the impacts in the “2.O”, which applies to current trends of dispute. The first half gears up with bewilderment of the visual appearances of something or someone in an aggressive way.

After the break Akshay Kumar bursting out of the occult knot, which Pakshi Rajan keeps his whole heart on to protect the birds and this made him to become professional in the study of Ornithologist.

“Enthiran” 2010 robotic version dust up along with an angry horrific spirit is joined in the film. Both Chitty versions in the films “Enthiran” and “2.O“ play a vital role throughout the film.

Shankar’s “Enthiran” is all about on a machine programming with both positive and negative feelings, which leads to a forceful consequence, the new version “2.O” mobile radiation and cell phone towers which affects the bird’s life that the director had been preached in his own style.

The film “Anniyan” transformation of the characters is being noticed in a hilarious way. The scientist Vaseegaran character, is not influenced by comparing with the Chitty and 3.O, which does something successfully, using knowledge as distinguished from merely possessing it.

Story: After a long scrambling, “2.O” projected in the 3D effects, the film contains a strong message apart from it is being followed by giant technological aspects, any creature of exceptional size, which made sparks out in the each frame. Opening makes eager about, an old man committing suicide on the cell phone tower. All of a sudden, the young generation had been wishing to get knowledge with Dr. Vaseegaran about his new technology of humanoid Nila (Amy Jackson),

Next sequel rushed out that all the mobile phones is being disappear into the city. Even a mobile merchant, the telecommunications minister and the cell network company owner exited in a pathetic condition.

Now, Vaseegaran thinks for the option that Chitty robot has the capacity to control the fifth force and after years later the dismantled Chitty is back on. Again Vaseegaran starting with analysis why the reason all were happening in a distinct way. For all these issues, Pakshi Rajan destroys the people who are all uses mobile phones. The robotic Chitty, humanoid and 3.O destructs Pakshi Rajan and safeguards his master Vaseegaran and the people.

Once in a period, Chandramukhi treated as psychological film. At trend, after the death, the body and the soul getting separated, which consider as fifth force.

Rajnikanth’s grace has been continued in the 2.O, as in the Chitty’s performances was an over-the-top, Amy Jackson comes as in humanoid, which looks in an appropriate manner, Akshay Kumar covered his position as per the director’s instructions. The strength of the film is A. R. Rahman team’s music and the BGM.

Verdict: massive entertainment show of Rajnikanth.

Rating: 3.5 / 5


Rajinikanth * Vaseegaran

Akshay Kumar * Pakshi Rajan.

Amy Jackson * Nila

Sudhanshu Pandey * Dhinendra Bohra “Dhina”

Adil Hussain * Vijay Kumar * Home Minister

Dr K. Ganesh * Jeyanth Kumar

Anant Mahadevan * scientist

Mayilsamy * Telecommunication Minister’s personal assistant

Kalabhavan Shajohn * Telecommunication Minister


Directed by * S. Shankar

Produced by * A. Subaskaran * Raju Mahalingam

Screenplay by * S. Shankar

Story by * S. Shankar

Music by * A. R. Rahman

Cinematography * Nirav Shah

Edited by * Anthony

Production Company * Lyca Productions

PRO * Diamonds,

Nikkil Murugan & Riaz K Ahmed

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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