24 Movie Review

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24 MovieScience of fantasy, an intellectual content

Genre: The illusion * opined is entrapped in each and every scene.

Synopsis: An intrepid attempt by the director Vikram Kumar to hit on world wide. As the source, which strike in watched for the film ’24’, an actress Sri Devi black and white film, she had a superstitious power and she can predict which happens in time to come. The director had refined according to the scientific world in a voguish way. A ternary action eccentrics of Suriya’s performance are struggling and strengthen to the script.

Story: Scuttle with a laboratory atmosphere Sethuraman outlook expressed him as a scientist, and his elder brother Athreya chased to grab the project 24 in his young stage, without any crusade. In a short span the task was getting successful and the self-important guy Athreya spoils Sethuraman’s family. As the third character of Suriya (Mani) enamors the audiences with his execution of acting. For the sentimental character Saranya Ponvannan were stuffed, who had an abrupt flashback and links to Samantha’s family. First half a peculiar key, rushed sooner in the hand of Suriya (Mani) and recognizing the value of the time travel device and made slightly drowsy by using the fun things with Samantha for tackling to get success of his love. After a 26 year later Athreya character gets recovered from the coma stage with losing his young life and affected by paralysis. The second half rolls around, Athreya forces to get his vernal, by the power of time travel, move to the year of 13.01.1990 to make changes in his life pattern.

’24’ film’s songs are attention-getting by the composer from A. R. Rahman and the locations of the songs are depended in the foreign. The heroines are, Nithya Menen and Samantha turned in their roles and had been doing the job and as a film stretched on surly, ingenuous and romantic Suriya eccentrics are overlapped.

Verdict: A watch conception is watchable without any questionnaire.


Suriya * Mani, Sethuraman, Athreya

Samantha * Sathya

Nithya Menen * Priya

Girish Karnada * Sathya’s grandfather

Ajay * Mithran

Saranya Ponvannan * Satyabhama



Directed * Vikram Kumar

Produced * Suriya

Written * Vikram Kumar

Music * A. R. Rahman

Cinematography * Tirru

Edited * Prawin Pudi

Production company * 2D Entertainment

Distributed * Eros International
Studio Green

Minutes * 164 minutes


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