36 Vayadhinile Movie Review

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36 Vayadhinile movie review
36 Vayadhinile movie review

Emotion * relationship sentiment
Inspiration * towards women who have been cornered after their marriage
Message * a luminescent message were communicated to the society.


An incredible recital by the director, title basis for a woman who has been crossed 36 facing family oriental issues. A brave girl before marriage, whom she has, getting snubbed by her family and with society.


2D company and Suriya presents, Jyotika in 36 Vayadhinile an exceptional preface for Jyotika. After her long existent marriage life, Jyotika’s acting was unrivaled and movie screw on Vasanthi character, she is a lovable person to her husband, caring mother for her child and a good daughter-in-law too. Vasanthi always interested to cultivate vegetables on the trace. Vasanthi an innocent lady working in a Revenue department, she exposes all naughtiness in her working place and in her surroundings. Tamil Selvan was disappointed in his job and his daughter (Mithula) dream is to move along with father to continue her studies in Ireland.

Vasanthi’s family doesn’t like to lead a compacted life, but they always insult Vasanthi is fit for nothing. To make this sure, an incident takes place in front of her living society. An opportunity gets her to meet the Indian national leader, in front of the leader Vasanthi will get fainter, this situation rigid to her and family. In certain, Tamil Selvan and Mithula stepped out from India, without the advice of Vasanthi.

Here, Susan David stepping in to boost up by saying small college flashback of Vasanthi’s courageous life, Vasanthi argue with Susan 36 age is a great drawback to proceed her life in this world. Final touch, short list of India National successful women, and next is???? Watch out the movie, Vasanthi changing her attitude, with the intention of age is not a concern for the success of a life and what was secreted behind national leader wants to meet Vasanthi.

The director (Rosshan Andrrews) has given messages to the society, by preferring organic vegetables are good for the health and women are dumping their dreams after their marriage, and the messages were scripted in a marvelous way. The characters were silhouetted by the acting of every individual artist

Verdict: Never judge with age, good messages and value for the women and society.

*** 2D and Shakthi Masala join together for the success of struggling women. In your surrounding inspirational women, after marriage life has been living with in the 4 corners. Welcome to exposure their situations.

Rules and regulations:

1. She should be a married woman.
2. Her brave life before marriage and after marriage, her critical life, write on paper and send to below address or mail id and contact no.
3. Judging will be done.
The letter should be forwarded on last date: 20.05.15
Address: Agaram Foundation, No: 29, Krishna St, T. Nagar, Chennai.
Contact No: 7871279066

Email: 36vdreams@agaram.in


Jyothika (Vasanthi) * Rahman (Tamil Selvan) * Abirami (Susan David) Nasar * Delhi Ganesh (Sadha Sivam) * M. S. Bhaskar (Stephen) * Ilavarasu * Jayaprakash (Iyer) * Devadarshini (Girija) * Issah Mohan Raman (Sellur Pichai) * Golisoda Sujatha (Rani) * Bose Venkat * Amirtha (Mithula) * Prem.S (Jayachandriran)

Technicians List:

Director * Rosshan Andrrews
Music * Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematographer * R. Diwakaran
Lyrics * Vivek
Editor * Mahesh Narayan
Art Director * Cyri Kuruvila
Dialogu * Viji
Costume * Poornima
Co Producer * Rajsekar Karpoorasundarapandian
Producer * Suriya
PRO * Johnson


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