49-O Movie Review

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49 O movie posterGenre: Political Comedy * contentedness with messages are glutted from starting till the end of the movie.

Outline: Zero rules entertainment presents a “49 O” The Conduct of Elections Rules, the movie perils Elector deciding not to vote against the candidates and the hero of the subject (Savuri) emphasized to follow the procedure of the NOTA.

Story: The debut director  P. Arokiyadoss, and after a long break, Goundamani had a firm character role in his own stylish way of kicking, is being continue in the movie. In a village, farmers are pledging their lands due to the family situations to an MLA and the lands convert to flats in this situation land owners are cheated by land promoters. Now hero of the script (Goundamani) against to the MLA and also screw up the village people, in an aggressively on the swindle persons and Savuri wants to protect his village people. Check out the movie, Savuri’s great intellectual steps to get back the lands from the tricksters.

Goundamani might be dull look in his appearance, but his performance never made sluggish to the audience. The director has been conveyed utmost messages to the viewers’, express the fact on 49 O rule. But less in logic is to say, all the people of the village nominate themselves for an MLA Position.

Verdict: “49 O” awareness.


Goundamani * Savuri

Jayabalan * MLA. Boominathan

Thirumurugan * Karikaalan

Guru Somasundaram * Arumugan

Balasing * Ex. MLA. Dheenadhayalan

Nankadavul Rajendran * Advt. Director

Moonar Ramesh * Soomu

Chams * Advt. Hero

Vaidehi * Kayal

Vishalini * Goundamani’s wife

Alwa Vasu * Ex.MLA P.A

Avon Ivan Ramraj * Party leader


Director * P. Arokidoss

Producer * Dr. L. Sivabalan

Executive Producer * APV. Manimaran

Music * K

Camera Man * Aadhi Karuppiah

Lyrics * Yugabarathi

Editing * Paramesh Krishna

Art * A. Palanivel

Choreography * R. Shankar

Production Executive * SP. Chuckle game

PRO * Suresh Chandra


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