6 Athiyayam Movie Review

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Genre: Horror Chapter * a film contains the subdivision of a written work; it has six episodes with one titled.

Synopsis: The film “6 Athiyayam” dumped with six instalments, the first chapter “Super Hero”, the second chapter “Ini Thodarum”, the third chapter “Misai”, the fourth “Anamika” story, fifth chapter “Soup Boy Subramani” story and finally is about an “Artist”. The film dwells of several screenplays and different directors. But the six chapters contains with one concept of horrific. Even the film stuffed with psychological factors and comedy merged up.

Story: This would be the second attempt, in one film contains six concepts, but all are based on one genre is horrific. The film had different short films by different directors and all stories ends with the climax.

First story:

Super Man, the hero has super power with him and his parents taking the guy to the hospital and there he struggles to prove himself as a superman to the doctor.

Second story:

A small child was getting raped by the young man and the child was killed by the guy. Now the spirit was waiting to kill the young man and a girl ghost was helping towards the child.

Thrid story:

Trio guys were friends and the other couple of guys were angry with their friend. In this situation, what is happening is the balance script.

Fourth story:

Sanjeev is a guy, who realize occult power in a man’s house, the place was filled with emptiness and no one to help him.

Fifth story:

A soup boy’s love story, his love life goes into tragedy and he seeks help from anther person and balance story made terrible to him.

Sixth story:

About an artist who had the capacity of drawing and the fellow plan to draw for a painting this made a tragedy to him.

All the stories connect to a single climax with different directors.

Verdict: Several efforts in an exclusive climax.


Thaman Kumar

SS Stanly, Suresh




Madhu Shri







Vinoth Kishan

Aravind Rajagopal



Cable Shankar

Shankar Thiyagarajan

Ajayan Bala



Sridhar Venkatesan

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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