90ml Movie Review

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The sophisticated of civilized women’s rules for deportment of being free extremes out, the power to act, speak and think externally exposed through the film.

Synopsis: The films “Magalir Mattum” released in the year 1994 and with the same title of 2017 based on female concepts, which woman like Revathy and few ladies struggle towards the male dominated world and Jyothika’s script based on freedom of perceptions in agreeable, “Snegithiye” friendship bond that stretches still in their hard scenarios. The director Anita Udeep visualized the relationship between causality and effects, which happening in the smart world.

As in the title “90ml” the gang of ladies shows their exempt status of behavioural throughout the film, Rita eccentric holds the alcohol bottles and drugs for 100 minutes balance 30 minutes rest for the bottles and drugs. The director and producer Anita Udeep exposed the realities and there is no exhilaration with the actress Oviya for the prominent performance.

Story: In the Big Boss show people recognized Oviya that she was out of fake world, which was exhibiting extreme stratum of casualties, it might become a change for the worse, Rita and Venkat stepping into an apartment and Rita was getting friendship with 3 married ladies (Kajal, Paru and Thamari), and even with one young girl Suganya. All the ladies gather in the terrace area, discuss about sex, engage themselves with alcohol and drugs.

In this circumstance, all the three ladies express their feelings among the friends. One of the worst things is the ladies share out the urge with their husbands and least concept was exposed is the unmarried girl worried out about her love failure and Rita gang work out for the solution.

The ladies move towards Pondicherry to kidnap Suganya’s lover. In the second half the audience comes to know Suganya keeps affair with a bride. With that Rita solves out the Kajal, Paru and Thamarai’s problems.

The film contains all sorts of abnormal sequels, Rita and Venky leads to live in together and drink alcohol with Venkat and even with the girlfriends, double meaning doubts made to the impatience, lip lock exceeds the limitations. On the technical side songs, which made compromises and STR guest appearances all negative value cools down.

Verdict: the film “90ml” misleads the youngsters.

Rating: 0.5 / 5


Oviya * Rita

Anson Paul * Venky

Masoom Shankar * Kajal

Monisha Ram * Suganya (Sugi)

Shree Gopika * Paru

Bommu Lakshmi * Thamarai

Tej Raj

Silambarasan * special appearance


Directed by * Anita Udeep

Produced by * Anita Udeep

Written by * Anita Udeep

Music by * Silambarasan

Cinematography * Aravind Krishna

Edited by * Anthony

Production Company * Nviz Entertainment

PRO * Yuvraaj

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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