’96 Movie Review

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Genre: Prowess of love * an eccentric belonging to romanticism by dumping all the feelings, which never splashes an element of the amorous crusade of the arts in any situations. 

Synopsis: ’96 depends on full fledged, angelic memory which was taken in a positive angle, normally movies have been envisioned that buds love disappears in  certain stage and the people move upon in  their own direction to startup for a new life and in the corner side the memories would have recalled them. While watching out “96”, a former film “Autograph” 2004 years released was struck on the mind, anyway the director C. Prem Kumar attempts leads in a distinct stratum.

C. Prem Kumar usually smash on with the tactile sensations by his cinematography, the flick “96” merged with the immature romance and grown up understanding of the person’s life and how they react each other after 22 years later. 

Story: Ram (Vijay Sethupathi), who is a travel photographer with the professional and an anxiousness Ram memory always adhered with the past life. Once with a short-change, the school friends form a  group in a social media and plan for reunions.

All were strict on with higher professional jobs, in their busy schedule, the guys making everyone’s presence and even Janu (Trisha), travels towards Chennai from Singapore to meet her old friends. 

Now upon, the sequels blends with old school life and present life of Ram and Janu. In a town Ram and Janu grow up their love in the tenth standard, Ram whenever looks up at Janu, the guy gets eagerly desirous and express his love in a seemly manner and Janu accepts in glossiness way. By this unexploited situation, both of them getting separated. 

By this, the second half made somnolence, which was romantic sequels lengthen in an adequate manner and even frame by frame romantic was furthering. The film not only bumps the youngsters even the old people if they had old memories. The director opted Janu name for the heroine character, to express the guy’s feelings!!!…

The director targets with Illiayaraja’s old songs that the young school going girl Janu (Janaki Devi), sings when the audience request to her. The viewers might murmur when they come out of the theatre.  

Govind Menonv’s music was kept on with the characterized by pleasing melody, the BGM is a noticeable degree. The cinematography was sufficiently valuable to justify the investment, the dialogues of Vijay Sethupathi competently when the situations overlap. Aditya Bhaskar steps in with an innocent eccentric. Overall,  “96” the director envision the lovable memories.

Verdict:  96 Batch – feelings

Rating: 3 / 5


Vijay Sethupathi 

Trisha Krishnan 

Varsha Bollamma 


Aadithya Baaskar 

Gouri G Kishan 



Bagavathi Perumal

Kavithalaya Krishnan

S. Janaki

Aadukalam Murugadoss


Niyathi Kadambi


Directed by * C. Prem Kumar

Produced by * Nandagopal

Written by * C. Prem Kumar

Music by * Govind Menon

Production Company * Madras Enterprises

PRO * Mounamravi

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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