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iMuze Music Management Pvt. Ltd. is an online music learning platform which is created by artistes catering to upcoming and budding artistes and for the brand management of mentors and performing artistes. iMuze was incorporated on 18 December 2017 which is currently based in Chennai, TN, India.

Shruti Kumar and Sahana Kumar, the founders of iMuze, wanted to create a platform for convenience learning, increase scope for collaboration and bridge the gap of geographies with the help of technology. The main aim of iMuze is to provide global music education to the vast audience, to help people engage with multicultural musicians, to learn and mutually benefit from each other at their own pace and space.


The courses offered are branched into five broad categories – VOICE, WIND, STRING, PERCUSSION, SPECIALISED COURSES – offering a bouquet of global music learning, from classical, popular, and multi-genre to Audio Engineering, Music Business lessons (coming soon).

Courses are open for Carnatic Vocal under the guidance of Shri. A.S. Murali (senior disciple of Shri. P.S. Narayanaswami), Kunnakudi M. Balamurali Krishna (disciple of Shri. P.S. Narayanaswami), Dr. Lakshmi Vinayak (senior disciple of Late Thiruvengadu Sri. A. Jayaraman.), KS Niharikaa (disciple of Kalaimamani Smt. Geetha Raja [Chennai], Shruti Kumar and Sahana Kumar (disciples of Shri. A.S. Murali).

Courses for Hindustani Vocal, and other exceptional courses like ghazal, thumri, chaiti etc. are coming up soon under the guidance of eminent mentors from Tansen Academy led by Sri.Krishna Ballesh(who has frequently performed alongside Illayaraja), Shivanand Ballesh and Sri Prakash Ballesh who have also learnt shehnai under the distinguished tutelage of the world renowned Shehnai Maestro Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan Saheb.

With the blessings of Vidhwan Vikku Vinayakram (the mentor of Shri Ganesha Tala Vidhyalaya), South Indian percussion courses will be inaugurated soon.

The courses are offered in various interactions, one to one, group and recorded mediums. The technology portal used for classes is Zoom which is integrated with calendly. The courses can be opted according to the mutual convenience of the mentor and student.

A specialized course titled The Celnatic Experience is offered by the curators Shruti & Sahana Kumar wherein they will teach 37 Nottuswaram compositions loosely based on raga Shankarabharam originally composed by Shri. Muthuswami Deekshithar back in 18th century and explain about the cross genre influence of Celtic music on Carnatic music.

Students, upon taking up courses with iMuze, are entitled to various benefits such as performance opportunities, preferential entry into workshops, music tours & fairs and festivals offered by iMuze..

About the founders:

Shruti & Sahana Kumar have been students of South Indian Classical music, Carnatic music for the last 18years; dabbling with Carnatic music and cross genre music. They were also introduced to Hindustani Classical music under the tutelage of Smt. Kalyani Salunke (Mumbai). They have been exposed to Music Technology and World Music for the last few years, thanks to their stint at Berklee College ofMusic. One of them, Shruti, did Master’s in Music (Music Production, Technology & Innovation) and Sahana did her Master’s in Global Entertainment & Music Business.

They have been performing concerts in Muscat, Kerala, Chennai (Chennai December season) and various parts of Tamil Nadu.

They were part of many projects at Berklee; notable of them are the background music and song for a National Geographic project, performance as part of Berklee ensemble, compositions and collaboration with fellow students.

They composed, rendered, mixed and mastered the theme music for the Yoga Studios “Vyaniti” which was a combination of meditative music elements of Tibet and western orchestration.

They have performed at the welcome banquet for Yanni during his tour to India which gained a lot of appreciation.

They have also performed at the after party of the Boney Em’s Chennai tour.

They were invited to perform at the remembrance day of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam by his family on July 7th of this year.

Celnatic Experience:

Celnatic Experience, a term coined by Shruti & Sahana Kumar highlighting the fusion of Celtic and Carnatic music was their capstone fellowship project. They researched on the music and evolution of the nottuswaram compositions of Muthuswamy Deekshithar and came up with a music album, a Coffee table and Kids book with history, notations in Carnatic and western staff which will be useful for music learners, the first copy of which was presented to Isaigyani Ilayaraja. They performed and released the Celnatic Experience in Chennai, Mumbai and Muscat and conducted workshop for the same in Spain, Muscat and currently in Chennai.

Contact details – www.imuze.com|Email: info@imuze.com |Mobile: +91 9384093107|Ph: 044 23763995.


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