Aagam Movie Review

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06Genre: Science fiction * had constructed the audiences to think over on.

Synopsis: A vernal Sai (Irfan) Had disappointment on the attitudes towards the youngsters, after their studies wish to settle in the abroad, this made him to gear up a DQIM (Don’t Quit India Movement) Has a strong concept and the young guys not to search jobs in overseas. Even Sai’s uncle explains about the knowledge terrorism, which relates to brain drain.

Story: As the film projects the hero (Sai) makes clear to the MBA students with the basis of a recruitment agency, eminent to work with in India and not to keep up fantasy to ensconce in the UK or on USA, with the awareness and DIQM Sai debunk India is still in developing stage, once the story adumbrates on DIQM, again extending the concept in the name of new operation called OPIC  (Operation Positive India Conciousness). But Sai’s uncle inscribing to explicate about the OPIC. To hole-and-corner up their documents in a place, brain mapping was protruded from the hero (Irfan) Was a natural act. Riyaz Khan as usual villain get up with high tech language and with his performance. Y Gee Mahendra played the father role to his son (Raiyaz) in a negative eccentric, finally speaks about Karma wasn’t innate.

Verdict: In a stretch completely the movie starts in one place and ends up by discombobulating to the viewers.

Irfan Mohammed
Riyaz Khan
DIRECTOR * V Vijay Anand Sriram


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