Aakkam Movie Review

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Genre: Rowdiness * panoramas, complicated the viewers and by an aggressor hero chasing the frames.

Synopsis: A simple, versed concept provoking knowledge in a regular base of an institution makes the people in a perfect way, two guys whose life tracks in a different path, that the hero’s life getting into an affliction and his friend’s life brings the effloresce as he had chosen to educate himself to reach the higher position. The director Veludoss Gnanasamantham shows the unripe screenplay by squeezing with a lot of characters and missed them to execute in the proper sequels.

Story: As the film projects the life of North Madras people and rowdyism, expected a heroine rest of the young buds names were in the peculiar, director opted the characters’ name as Dokkala, Mutta then the hero’s name was Sokku. The film Aakkam is a story about the guy Sokku and his childhood gang does the criminal activities want to reach out for a position as a Don in the city, Sokku mother who encourage him and even she is a drug dealer, her dream is to that Sokku want to become as a rowdy among the society. In the situation, a young girl blindly keeps love affair with Sokku and without getting married she gives birth to a baby.

Years later the gang leader Sokku charge more murders in the city and elongated that Sokku fetches to the smuggling, as his father had encountered by the cops, the same was hitting to Sokku, that the Sokku was encountered by police or his educated friend will safeguard Sokku’s life is the balance story

One more eccentric Ranga (Ranjith) who stuffed in the movie is the known actor, other than his character is not strong.

Shathish Raavan utterly fixed in the role Delna Davis looks sensible and shows the innocent behaviour, BGM of Srikanth Deva matches in every sequence.

Verdict: Overlapping too many eccentric and somnolence experience.


Sathish Raavan




Director * Veludoss Gnanasamantham

Producer * E Selvam

Music Director * Srikanth Deva

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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