Aan Dhevathai Movie Review

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Genre: Emote * in accord with the latest palpating, followed with exaggerated zeal.

Synopsis: As the film feature with the actor Samuthirakani there will be more positive approaches, even social cause loops, by the pointing out something, the remedial hits to think about, how to subdue the situation.

The title “Aan Dhevathai” express about a male can adjust the circumstances with more patience. In this modern society, a rural guy might adjust everything is that so? In contrast eccentrics Suja Varunee and Prajin couple never compromise their relationship, reason is guys works in an IT company and they were struggling to fulfil on their urge.

The film was written and directed by Thamira, in the leading role Samuthirakani played as a caring family man by holding down the patience throughout the film, opposition opinion was occupied by Ramya Pandian, who comes as an ambitious wife for the man Samuthirakani, which made to dream a lot and never sacrifices her lifestyle.

Story: The film opens with, an orphan girl Ramya Pandian getting married with Samuthirakani, they have twins, a male baby named as Agara, the girl child’s name was Aathira. Initially, the couple struggle to lead a basic life, the children were placed in the creche. Unfortunately, their working time made horrible for the children.

By this Samuthirakani feels the importance of children’s health and their future, he suggests an idea towards his wife Ramya, but she refused to quit the job, as she wants to earn a lot and need to lead a sophisticated life.

In this situation, Samuthirakani becoming as a house husband and take care of his children and does household works beautifully. Within two years, Ramya is applying the loans and purchase a new car and plan to buy a new flat.

Their lifestyle changes a lot and both gets misinterpreted in the persuasions, Samuthirakani coming out with his girl child to step on his own leg. All of a sudden, both are getting compromised.

The film preached at the end, that the married couple how to lead a happy life with the earnings. But what happened to the aggressive loan collection people were disappeared?

About good touch and bad touch already seen in a couple movies, in this film good touch and bad touch knowledge was exposed in a distinct way.

Vijay Milton’s cinematography was in a seemly manner, songs made sense by the music director Ghibran. As in the family man’s role Samuthirakani was fixed perfectly. The actress Ramya adopted her role and the two children charms in their sequels.

Verdict: Adjustment

Rating: 3 / 5



Ramya Pandian * Jessy

Aranthangi Nisha

Kavin * Agara Mudhalvan

Monica * Aathira

Radha Ravi


Suja Varunee


Hareesh Peradi

Kaali Venkat


Directed by * Thamira

Produced by * Fakrudeen
sheik Dawood

Written by * Thamira

Music by * Ghibran

Cinematography * Vijay Milton

Edited by * Kasi Viswanathan

Production Company * Sigaram Cinemas


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