Aaraam Vetrumai Movie Review

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Genre: Dazing love content * makes a stupor, causes intense interest, curiosity, or emotion.

Synopsis: Generally a love story always starts with amorous and the couple struggles to hold themselves from their parents or to the extended a triangle of love subject has been seen in the erstwhile and present movies, but “Aaraam Vetrumai” belongs to the same content fortuitously with a squeezed of different aroma. The film captures about tribal people and we usually have a cognizance of the tribal people had the ability to fight with the raging animals and they live like the nomads, but this movie picturised even they had a depth of feeling that they can do anything.

Story: “Aaraam Vetrumai” scores with resplendent director Hari Krishna, the film supported powerfully by the artists of Gopika, Sakthivel, Amjath Hussain, Umasree. The flick is sticking with the triangle based on a love story and the director projects out the movie in a different dimension is the highlight of this film. A tribal hero of Ajay and with the cultured girl Gopika between them blossoms the fragrance of love, the peculiar pair’s love wants to be getting successful, a bunch of people support them and the pair was viciously affected by brutish people.

The technical aspects pretermits in several portions and the story hold a unique place while watching out the climax. The “Aaraam Vetrumai” has a firm story line that keeps engaged towards the viewers. Even, there were a lot of uncivilized eccentrics involved to break up the couple’s life, their civilized nature gives the applauds for the director.

Verdict: Entertaining. Enough to be worthy of watching it.




Amjath Hussain


Director * Hari Krishna

Producer * Sakthivel

Music * Ganesh Raghavendra

Cinematography * Arivazhagan

Editing * Karthikeyan

Screenplay * Hari Krishna

Choreography * Boby Antony

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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