Aarambame Attagasam Movie Review

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Genre: Love flick * in a usual script, opening and  ending shows the goofy concept.

Synopsis: Lollu Sabha team shaped for a film titled as “Aarambame Attagasam”, Lollu Sabha Jeeva had joined with the top heroes for extending the comedy portions, but for the first time Jeeva is joined in the film as a hero. The director Ranga, tried out for a new concept, but somewhere lacking in the screenplay, the directors usually projects what happens in the society, but it’s a quondam concept for the today’s generation.

Story:  A popular channel’s reputed show “Lollu Sabha” provided the great comedians for the Kollywood, in that list Jeeva has been joined, this film is a new dimension to his career. In the opening a school teacher asks their students, what is their goal after the studies, everyone says that to become doctor, policeman, the reason behind was their father’s wish to fulfil, but the budding Jeeva, says that wants to do a love marriage, because Jeeva’s father  Pandiarajan missed his love life and feeds him from the childhood to do a love marriage. The hero Jeeva loves Sangeetha Bhat and she accepts his proposal very soon, Jeeva’s love is very sincere towards her. But Sangeetha’s love was money minded, and she keeps affairs with many guys. Sangeetha had always kept Jeeva as an optional among the boyfriends, even she moves with him happily and cheat his money. Finally, she fixes to a royal guy and then getting married with him. At the end Jeeva keeps a lock for the cheating Sangeetha.

As the Jeeva is a mimicker, the audiences expected a lot, literally not seen much, his costume not made to attract being a hero. Again for the comedy side couldn’t find out in much level. Missed out Madhumitha performances in the film and she had not used throughout in the movie.

Verdict: Aarambame messed!!!



Sangeetha Bhat






Lollu Sabha Manohar


Directed * Ranga

Music Director * J K Dass

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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