Aaranyam Movie Review

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aaranyam movieGenre: The beloved * concept of the narrative is well fused in a superfluous approach, the movie extended to romance, which makes to elongate the screen play.

Comedy * was made to overrated, undesirable most comical imagines of the story.

Outline: Aaha Oho production, in the title of Aaranyam is written and Directed by Kuber. G, was presented a different love oriented script. A couple were strong in their love, the pair had the usual methodology for their elopement, the girl’s father against for their joining, and he is a ferocious character, whom ever youngster had the proposals.  Here is the story stretches as a screenplay as a movie waves   “Aaranyam”.

Story: “Aaranyam, which is related to forest, and” the movie depth into the timberland in the second half. In the beginning, the hero (Aravindh) is portrayed as a looting guy, with the innocent persons, and he enjoys with the money at an extreme level with the gang, at the end of the enjoyment he returns the balance amount to to the concerns. At this stage, the heroine captures the photos and updated on Facebook, this create an evidence of his activity, the hero planning to steal the heroine’s mobile, which made the root cause of the problem.

Ticker the movie, therefore the reason she gets attractive into an affair with the grooving hombre. The pair with the fear on her father’s torture escapes to the forest, in the forest viewers’ analysis the twist in the film.

The director mold up the movie in an afforest after the intermission, regrettably the script was the oddment of the first half. The comedy portions are unnecessary and recollect the Moondram Perai background sound. The couple’s decision flush propels the “Punnagai mannan”. An eagle flies in the forest in the break, the audience can guess the decision. The hero Ram has shown his naturalness in the performance, but the heroine has performed shows like spoon feed.

Verdict: Blossom and seemliness of the forest are less.


Ram * Aravindh

Neeraja * Divya

Shaaji * Durai Pandi

Illavarasu * Kumereasan

Singamuthu * Singam

Technicians List:

Written & Direction * Kuber. G

Cinematography * Salai Sagadevan

Music * S. R. Ram

Lyrics * Meenakshi Sundaram, Ekadasi

Editor * Partha Sarathy

Art Director * Mohan Magendhiran

Dance * Dina, Pappy

Production * Aaha Oha Production

Co-producer * Dinesh, Subash & Nanak

Producer’s * Ram

PRO * Johnson

Song list *

1. Azhagaga Tholainthen

2. Jimkhan

3. Kadhal Maayavalai

4. Kannula Unnai

5. Maranji Kedandha

Siragai Madithu


1. Radhika & Amrutha

2. Anthony Dasan, S. R. Ram & A. R. Thomas

3. Vishnu  Baradwaj & Gopi

4. A. R. Thomas & Radhika

5. Radhika


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