Aarathu Sinam Movie Review

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Aarathu-Sinam1Genre: Umbrage slayer * oriented movie, it was dragging the attention of the audience, expectations strains to the next scenes and the appearance of the killer.

Synopsis: In the direction of Jeethu Joseph’s a Malayalam film “Memories” was released in the year of 2013, it has been remade in the title of “Aarathu Sinam” induce the thrilling sensation, once the police inspector (Aravind) Involves in the disappearance and the kidnapping of young newfangled married men, it stretches the lengthy investigation crusades an issue to the police department. The virtuoso hero (Aravind) had a tragedy in his life, which he never shows involvement in the normal life and full-time alcoholic imbiber.

Story: Sri Thenandal Films and the direction of Arivazhagan collaborations a fine crime based movie is”Aarathu Sinam” word intended to “wrath won’t sink”. Aravind leads to a peaceful and quiet happy life with his family. At one stage, Aravind’s lovable wife and charming daughter were murdered by a raucous, who had been escaping from the Aravind’s encountered, and in front of his eyesight, Aravind’s wife and daughter, both were killed in a wretched way, this changes an immense dipsomania. In this circumstance, Aravind’s brother fixing marriage for him, but not inviting, and the higher authority has-been assigned to take charge of continuing victims happening in the Madurai district.

Finally Aravind is proceeding with the case, with the evidence of the post-mortem report, evince with logic and hypothetical clues, a killer is a gimp person and have the eccentric of hate or love the women. The young men get murdered on Friday and the bodies were observed only on Sunday, the killer has the tendency by enciphered of every victim’s body in an Aramaic language, which was spoken by Jesus, transmitting to the their dupes wives. An avenger is a strong believer in the Christianity and he a scriptural, in every action made a peculiar to the investigation, Jesus Christ cross symbol was noted in the death of men’s hanging position, even the places of murdered represent the four directions (Madurai) Of cross symbol. Put together, police inspector Aravind’s investigation concluded with the arrival of murdered wives. Observe the film in the theatre, killer’s love or hate towards the women to revenge on men??? The songs are attention-getting to the viewing audience. Arulnithi’s orb acts too much in his every movie, an excess actor in the film appears in the story is Reporter Varsha character.

Verdict: Thriller stuffed.


Arulnithi * Aravind
Aishwarya Rajesh
Aishwarya Dutta Radharavi
Anupama Kumar
Gaurav Narayanan as Peter/Santhosh
TulasiR. N. R. Manohar
Robo Shankar
Ramesh Thilak Aadhira


Directed * Arivazhagan
Produced * N. Ramasamy
Written * Arivazhagan
Story * Jeethu Joseph
Music * S.Thaman
Cinematography * Aravinnd Singular
Edited * Rajesh Kannan S.
Production company * Sri Thenandal Film


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