Aayirathil Iruvar Movie Review

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Genre: Waggishness * made to provoke in some sequels. 

Synopsis: The director Saran had come back after a few years later, he tried to give the commercial stuffed and he has balanced the production area. The flick was captured in many locations of Tamilnadu, Hyderabad and Bangkok, even give a lot of transformation in a quiet evinces. The actor Vinay plays in a prominent role and he appeared on screen in the duple action. The director brought out with the new artists of Samuthrika, Swasthika and Kesha Khambhati were supports towards the film. The music director Bharathwaj is being fortified to the movie.

Story:  In the place of Thirunelveli, partner of brother fights each other in that two brothers, the next-to-last brother’s wife helpless to give birth to a child and the other one’s wife who gives birth to a twin children, but the arrogant children fights each other in the womb, this makes the film much more interesting. Unfortunately, eagerness made down. Vinay plays a twin brother character Sevathakaalai and Senkattai, and the guy Senkattai who  travels to Hyderabad chase his childhood girlfriend and even become as a money conveyor.  

While Senkattai disappeared, that his father misunderstood that his child is killed by his brother and the twin father murders his own brother and prisoning him in the place of Hyderabad, now the widow lady waits for a chance to revenge their family with the help of her brother. 

In the place of Tirunelveli  Sevathakaalai is in love with Athirshtamalar and in other side the guy who lives in Hyderabad Vinay falls love towards Bhoomi (Swasthika), and she is a money maker doll that she had the  password on her body.

The film filled with the lots of eccentrics and the sequels moves fast, Kajal character looks very unfittest but not necessary to perform as like this. Vinay has in dual role there is not much difference in his acting. The actress who acted as Athirshtamalar dialogues are delivered in late, there is no proper lip sink. The music had been gives the effectiveness. 

Verdict: Not bad


Vinay Rai



Kesha Khambhati

Pradeep Rawat

Sreejith Ravi

Rethika Srinivas

Kaajal Pasupathi




Daniel Annie Pope



Directed by * Saran

Produced by * Subha Saran

Sankar Krishnamoorthy

Written by * Saran

Music by * Bharathwaj

Cinematography * Krishna Ramanan

Edited by * Kevin

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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