Abhiyum Anuvum Movie Review

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Synopsis: “Abhiyum Anuvum” is a bilingual movie, in the Malayalam it was titled as “Abhiyude Katha Anuvinteyum”. The hero Tovino Thomas’s accent contains Malayalam flavour, the glamour lady Pia Bajpai played as a lover in the first half and even wife of Tovino Thomas in the second half. The director tried to vindicate the relationship with the society’s perception. The first half story fully engaged with romantic and proposals between the couple and after the intermission the story boosts up the story outline. The test-tube children were married to each other, after their marriage the guy wasn’t digested with their relationship and script had been moulded with emotionally. 


“Abhiyum Anuvum” tested the audience’s patience, Abhi’s parents always roams frequently for their business from country to country, this made Abhi’s life in the hostels and at a stage, as he becomes a software guy started to live in a flat with the caring nature of neighbourhood aunt Revathy.

In the parallel, Anu lives with her mother and she concentrated on social issues and care for the people who is suffering and Anu had been exposed as in a bold eccentric and even she was a farmer of an organic vegetables in the place of Ooty. 

Abhi was getting attracted by her activities that he pushed him to frequent checks in the social media about Anu’s day-to-day status and even gives a friend request in Facebook. At a stretch, both fall in  love with each other and their marriage had happened after a day proposed. Now, Abhi’s parents blessing them through the live video call. A few days later, they came to know about their relationship.

Tovino Thomas handled scarce both in the acting and the Tamil language, Pia Bajpai’s too much exposing it is being pesky, that her bubble eccentric suits only in the “Ko” movie. The senior artists Prabhu and Suhasini had been projected in a few sequence and they have done their job perfunctory.


Need patience to watch the film.


Tovino Thomas * Abhi

Pia Bajpai * Anu

Suhasini * Revathy

Rohini * Meena



Directed by * B. R. Vijayalakshmi

Produced by * Saregama

Music by * Dharan Kumar

Cinematography * Akilan

Edited by * Sunil Shree Nair

Production Company * Yoodlee Films


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