Actress Namita’s Statement about her Marriage

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Hi Everyone, am sure by now you have heard that Veera and I, are getting married on November 24th @ Thiruppathi. Veera is my Best friend and my Soulmate. He is a Producer and an Aspiring Actor. This alliance is an Arranged/ Love marriage. We were introduced by our BEST friend Sashidhar babu last year in September and little by little we became good friends. On Sept 6th 2017 he popped a question very romantically on the Beach , where he had arranged a Candle light dinner for us. I was completely Flabbergasted! As I did not expect it. What made me say ‘ YES’ was that we share similar life goals and we both are Spiritually awaken. We share our love of Travelling, especially Trekking and nature. We share love for animals and we both are passionate about life it self. I feel blessed to be with someone who makes me his priority. There was no Running – Chasing game. In last 3 months the more I understood him , the more I felt lucky to even be with him. My faith in men is restored again with his gentle care and support. I thank each and everyone of you, who has been my support system since day one and we both seek your Love and Blessings. Thank you. God bless you.


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