Adanga Maru Movie Review

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“Adanga Maru” is a greater extent of glorious added to Jayam Ravi, a splendid framework focused for the avenging strategies.

Synopsis: After the sci-fi thriller of Jayam Ravi concentrated with the action based adventure story, that the unveiling director Karthik Thangavel dedicates on screen about the women’s insecure stipulates and their torment.

The flick filled with that the society clumps of crooked people, the high class people’s sons were involved in the brutal activities against women, and this scenario was observed by a sincere cop but the higher officers supports the influenced people and even protects them in each situation.

The content holds the attention of viewers in the second half by killing the vicious guys by using distinct strategies. The actor Jayam Ravi Subash is a devout sub-inspector that he trusted his higher hierarchical people. Unfortunately, the high rank official cops were esteemed the wealthiest people.

Story: Subash with his family members leads a happy life, he had the beautiful relationship with his brother and their family, Subash’s father Ponvannan and mother Sriranjini shows affection to everyone. Subash ambition wants to become as an IAS officer and he shows up dedication to his profession. On parallel, Rashi, who is familiar with Ponvannan family, Subash and Rashi keep affairs with each other and their understanding stratum goes quiet. Subash always believes in the honesty to go in a good path.

In this circumstance, Subash is involved in a rape case and started to investigate. A well settled people’s sons are involved in that rape case and Subash is arresting the guys and by their influences ravishment guys coming out of the case with the facilitate of police officers.

Subash family members all were demise their life from the savagery people. By seeing the unconditional situation Subash resigned from the police department and take an intellectual action by killing those cruelty guys.

The first half keeps on engaged by the interrogation sequels and the second half compressed with revenge scenes, the actor Jayam Ravi as usual fizzing by his performance.

Verdict: A good entertaining movie.

Rating: 3 / 5


Jayam Ravi

Raashi Khanna

Azhagam Perumal


Sampath Raj


Directed by * Karthik Thangavel

Music by * Sam C.S

Cinematography * Sathyan Sooryan

PRO * Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One.

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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