Adavi Movie Review

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The Forests zone destroying – spreading consciousness.

Almost, the upcoming directors incorporate a message while narrating the commercial scripts, in that list “Adavi” holding with a message, destructing the forests and the surrounding people’s survival was getting spoiled, which the film had been travelling for two hours. In the place of Nilgiri in Tamilnadu, an avaricious rich man with the support of local government authorities planning to capture a village people’s land and their rights.

The village people, Murugan and his childhood dream girl Valli struggle for their rights. In the opening, some puzzled sequels were happening, which followed a soul targeting the cops. The higher officer was involved in the investigation, while interrogating an old man of the same village and questioning about Murugan.

A flashback was following, the village people were living happily, a landowner in the same village targeting on the village area to construct the resorts. In this scenario, the village people approach to the district collector, but the collector was favoring towards the landowners.

The director tried to convey hillside in and around village areas are converting into resorts. At the final touch, the actor Parthiban has given the voice to safeguard on the natural resources to protect nature and humans from the future calamities. The hero Vinoth Kishan was given best in his portions, the debut heroine Ammu Abirami’s dialogue delivery looks like a recitation other than looks beautiful in each frame.

Verdict: watchable

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Vinoth Kishan

Ammu Abirami


Directed by * Ramesh G

Screenplay by *Ramesh G

Music * Sarath Jada

Cinematographer * Ramesh G

Editing * Sathish Kurosuwa

Production Company * Shri Krish Pictures

PRO * Nikil Murukan

by Deepa Vijendrao Rao


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