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39th Sri Sivakumar Educational and Charitable Trust Awards Ceremony

A sunny Sunday that had embraced love and affection of the Agaram Family and Sri Sivakumar Educational and Charitable Trust Awards Ceremony.

Producer SR Prabhu of Dream Warrior Pictures offered his welcome everyone with his speech. This was instantly followed by the felicitation of top scorers in SSLC and Plus 2 examinations. In a precise manner, as everyone student walked upon the dais, the details about the marks they scored were announced and it turned everyone in ultimate amazement with unlimited applause. 20 students were awarded with prize money of Rs 10,000 each. Apart from this, Rs.1Lac was offered to ‘THAI THAMIZH SCHOOL’ in Dindivanam that offers education to underprivileged students. Apart from this, Rs.1Lac was given to ‘Vaazhai Iyakkam’, which works the growth of first

It wasn’t just the felication of the talented students, who marked a commendable feat of achievement in their marks, but there was something more beyond this. The kids, who have been completed their Teen years sent everyone into the frozen state of astonishment with their scientific inventions, which was completely incredulous in accordance to their age.

Shri. Kalyani from Thai Thamizh School gave a distinct speech rendering, “The higher education of professional courses must be available in mother tongue. It is so much surprising and shocking at the same time to see that a country like Japan, which was an overall population of 15Cr is producing high technology Bullet trains and even giving advice and financial support to our country, which has population exceeding 125Cr.”

Speaking on his part, Shri. Sivakumar said, “The students who got felicitated here happened to speak about their parents’ occupation. But things were so terribly during my childhood times, where our village suffered from extreme drought, where we had to struggle for one time meal. We had to walk miles without slippers. Diwali and Pongal would come as usual, but we didn’t have any new dresses to wear. During my SSLC final, Rs.5 had to be paid for group photo, which wasn’t even possible. But after many years, I donated 25Lacs as a donation to the same school. This means that when you have good things in mind and action, things will multiply by itself. Education and Discipline alone will make you great in the life across any part of the world. This generation of students and youngsters must realize that they are the mixture of physical and spiritual body. If the physical body has to be healthy, the spiritual body must be taken care off well.”

Actor Shri Suriya, Founder of Agaram Foundation said, “As my father, if education and discipline is there in you, there is no way that the life will go wrong anywhere. When we started Agaram Foundation nearly to a decade back in time, we had no clue how it’s going to be in future. But today, we are so much happy to see that around 2500 students have been benefitted by Agaram Foundation. We are also planning to include the specialization in sports and scientific studies in Agaram Foundation from this year.”

He continued to offer a strong piece of advice, “Personally, I never thought, I would reach this stage of progress in my life. I got an opportunity in 1997 and I wanted to make use of it in a proper way. After 20 years of journey in film industry, when I look back, it keeps me little fearful of how I could walk so much here. With blessings of many and good people around, I gained some energy to proceed. So it doesn’t matter, where you are and who you are, nothing is impossible and it all depends on your will power and determination.”

The actor put forward his request to all the city based well settled students asking, “City based students are like the flourishing trees, where the roots bring more water and energy to the entire tree, which yields fruits and flowers. But village students are the ones like cactus in the desert, where the leaves have to get the moist from air and send it to the roots. So we here in city should make it a point of reaching out there in the village and help them out.”


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