Aghavan Movie Review

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A past evidence recognized as history, serves to explicate towards the audience.

Synopsis: Hardly, it was a long duration to detect towards the screenplay, that story revolves around Raja Raja Cholan’s intellectual predictions. Anyhow the Tamil audience well aware about the Tanjore temple secrets, in that a familiar concept had been taken out. In the first half, the film “Aghavan” carried on the shoulder Thambi Ramaiah that his own style of comedies followed and some puzzled sequels which was linked in the second half.

“Aghavan” explicit the value of Tamil ancestors and their treasury poems, secrets behind palm script and engraved in stone, which upcoming generation dropped the dignity. The film was directed by APG Elumalai and Produced by R. Ravichandran. The film stretches for the duration of 160 minutes, after the intermission made to feel out curious about the drama.

Story: The sinless guy Kishore Ravichandran and scarily man Thambi Ramaiah both works in a temple in the place of Tindivanam and whodunit thing was followed towards them. In the same Siva temple, a couple of sisters, who they were selling flowers for their survival and even Keerthy Vasan, who is researching young man in his Ph.D., who married with Kaavya by the opposition of her rich father.

Now, with all confusion resulting from failure to understand in the first half, the film “Aghavan” knot out all the puzzlement. The guy’s Keerthy Vasan research is all about Raja Raja Cholan’s secret possession that is highly valued, which wanted to benefit for his citizens. All the worthy gems were dumped in all Lord Siva temples.

In that, under the control of mysteries cop Kishore Ravichandran’s Siva temple was observed a team, that they pour chemical liquid in and around pipes to float out the gems which was under 64 feet under the Lord Siva’s idol. Now the culprit gang who invested in the project to loot out treasures by using Keerthy Vasan thesis and finally did culprits they benefited by the project.

The film exposes, why the reason Kumbabishekam carried out after years later and doing special Pooja was followed. Which had been given in commercial aspects, though the Tamil films filled with romantic, thriller and horror scripts “Aghavan” leads to distinct path, need to give an applause to the director that he attempt discrete screenplay.

The film had lengthy path, which gives slight drowsiness, the songs are active forces about the nature of life.

Verdict: recognition of Tamilians identity.

Rating: 3.5 / 5


Kishore Ravichandran

Naren V

Chirashree Anchan

Nithya Shetty

Thambi Ramaiah

Chinni Jayanth

R. N. R. Manohar


Directed by * APG Elumalai

Produced by * R. Ravichandran

Written by * APG Elumalai

Music by * C. Sathya

Cinematography * Bala Palaniappan

Edited by * LVK Dass

Production Company * RBK Movies

PRO * Nikkil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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