Agni Devi Movie Review

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Rajesh Kumar’s novel influenced the film “Agni Devi” is about a quality of being cruel and inhumane.

Synopsis: The film contains abruptly duration that Bobby Simha lacks to work with the film and there he was pretermitting in the fight sequence and he was masked his face even the audience familiar with Bobby Simha voice, which the dubbed voice not accepted, with all these criteria the film “Agni Devi” made some interesting by the performance of Madhoo, which she was expressed in witch experiences to her distinctive dimension.

The film “Agni Devi” tracks about a woman politician who was precipitous in nature, which her past life is being vicious. The script contains only the investigation and the crispy formation of Minister Sakunthala Devi flashback, the film Agni Devi” had lots of up and down, with all lacking the team had projects on the big screens.

Story: With an aggregate opening, a reporter approaches the cop Agni (Bobby Simha), for an interview, while watching the flash news, the journalist was murdered in the public place and the commissioner assigned Agni to investigate the case.

Agni gets confused, was not clarity in the investigation, a strange call of Surya and the politician were the loophole for the further investigation. The reporter’s murder was connecting towards the Minister Sakunthala Devi.

By the lots of wriggles in the screenplay IPS Agni observed that the reporter’s murder has been connected with the Minister Sakunthala Devi. The cop Agni moves the case towards the Tamil Nadu Home Minister, which the investigation links with the Central Minister in Haryana.

With the support of commissioner Sakunthala Devi controls Agni and at a stage, Agni was identified that Sakunthala Devi was her mother both were getting separated in an arson. Now, the belligerent lady surrendered towards affection or revenge his son.

Ramya Nambeesan was appeared in the few sequences, which was not strong enough, Bobby Simha voice made irrelevant which was not acceptable, Sathish comical portions is quite okay. The BGM of the film is in impressive ways.

Verdict: Missing drama.

Rating: 2 / 5


Bobby Simha


Ramya Nambeesan



Delhi Ganesh


Music by * Jakes Bejoy

Cinematography * Tirru

Edited by * Vivek Harshan

Production Company * Seatoa Studios
Jai Film Productions

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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