Airaa Movie Review

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The director Sarjun KM film made restless and short-tempered under the delay of the screenplay.

Synopsis: After long gap Tamil audience looks for horror drama, with an awful manner, in the first half the “Airaa” team checked the viewers patiences by a painfully slow. In the film “Kanchana 2” is all about an illusion program towards horror, which the channel wanted to hit on TRP, in the upcoming film “Airaa” made an attempt on the current scenario is about YouTube channel, a fearless eccentric Yamuna gets an idea to run a YouTube channel to get success, in the situation script travels in the second half with a trivial horror.

The film depends on Nayanthara, as she gets success in her movies, the director believed blindly on a senior artist. The matured artist focused on the dual role, till the intermission an energetic and modern character Yamuna is dominating gradually after the break Bhavani eccentric followed.

The film “Airaa” was directed by Sarjun KM and made by Kotapadi J Rajesh, the flick runs about 142 minutes which were triggered out audience at the climax. The awkward portions in the first half, which not interlinked, the music is composed by Sundaramurthy K.S and Sudarshan Srinivasan followed in cinematography.

Story: A timing made pathetic situation for an innocent girl Bhavani is the baseline for the film. A media person Yamuna like to lead an independent life, but her parents fixes for a proposal, Yamuna run out of Chennai and stay along with her grandmother in the place of Pollachi.

Meanwhile, the house filled with indistinct shadows that Yamuna and her grandmother go for the tricky play even Yamuna plan to make money with the concept and start a YouTube channel and with the illusion horror concept gets success.

By this following, Amudhan (Kalaiyarasan), who observed bewildered murders continuously of business man, lorry driver, a couple drunken, police man and family members. With all these murders are happening with fast blowing. Now Yamuna’s grandmother killed in an occult way.

Yamuna with the confused and by the guidance of Kalaiyarasan that she comes to know about Bhavani’s miserable flashback. But Yamuna and Amudhan puzzled about why the innocent spirit target on the confounded lady Yamuna.

Nayanthara’s dual role steps in distinct dimensions, a brave eccentric stylish and elegant in the performance and the innocent character was pitiable face. On the big screen Bhavani make up was in completed. Which had been observed the make up was getting peeled, Yogi Babu was not influenced in his comedy portions, Kalaiyarasan has done a decent performance in his frames Bhavani was murders who are part of her death, Yamuna and the other eight members fine, why her grandmother was targeted.

Verdict: Unconnected drama

Rating: 2 / 5


Nayanthara * Bhavani * Yamuna

Kalaiyarasan as Amudhan

Yogi Babu * Mani

Nishaanth Ramakrishnan * Adi


Meera Krishnan

Ashwanth Ashokkumar

Kulappulli Leela


Directed by * Sarjun KM

Produced by * Kotapadi J Rajesh

Screenplay by * Priyanka Ravindran

Music by * Sundaramurthy K.S

Cinematography * Sudarshan Srinivasan

Production Company * KJR Studios

Distributed by * Trident Arts

PRO * Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’one

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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