Alaipesi Movie Review

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Genre: Love story * somnolence, erstwhile formula.  

Synopsis: The title “Alaipesi” indisputable strikes on the mind, the script based on communication. But in this trendy world, the lovers moves backward. The couple uses the smartphone, they communicate with mobile and started to love each other, ridiculous people never exchange their photos. Not acceptable concept, nowadays youngsters was fast by sharing their photos. The director forgot the current scenario and he followed quondam screenplay like “Kaalamellam Kadhal Vaazhga” and “Kadhal Kottai”. 

Story: Opening scene, the hero Vetri Akhil met with an accident. All of a sudden, the scene moves towards the flashback. The hero Vetri, who is a civil engineer, when he was supervising the site area with heavy pressure, suddenly he gets a call from Geetha (Anu Krishna), she works in a finance company and the girl wasn’t achieved any target past two months, the girl calls Vetri to take a policy and the man was getting annoyed by the phone call and started to shout at her. Once Vetri back to form and realized for his mistake and asking apologize throw the phone. 

As usual flashback had by Vetri, due his drunken father, he becomes an orphan boy at a young age. Next, throw phone both falls in love and without seeing each other. Both of them visualize at each other and they get married at the end.

The film was low budget think so when the heroine was crying, makeup is coming out. The girl acting was immature and Akhil, who had given a hit in his debut film and this time he missed out by choosing a script, after a long gap, Akhil’s appearance was good and become chubby. 


Old version Vs Old version 



Anu Krishna


Director * Murali Bharathi 

Music Director * SPL Selvadasan

Screenwriter * Murali Bharathi

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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