Amma Kanakku Movie Review

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Amma-KanakkuGenre: Elicit to the emote * of every sequence between to a teenage girl and with her mother.

Synopsis: The title of “Amma Kanakku” is a motherhood dealing with the logic and sketches on her daughter’s attitude. A government school headmaster and the math teacher role done by Samuthirakani handling the students, which can induce a precise guru. A perfect outlook for the eccentricity of Amala Paul, who has struggled for the growth of her daughter. A house maiden daughter’s Abi character always pin point by saying the word servant’s daughter becomes as a servant. Now the audience struck to analysis, the film is constructed of sentiments, a widow mother was concentrating on her goal.

Story: A Bollywood film “Nil Battey Sannata” is being directed by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari, as the director has stepped into the Tamil and the Hindi version converted as in the title of “Amma Kanakku” the producer of “Kaaka Muttai” (Dhanush) brought forth a down-trodden script leads to a sentiment, Amala Paul was a handmaid for the famous doctor Revathi and the doctor’s caring was the only hope for the hapless dame Amala Paul. With a parameter Abi was conscious, maiden daughter will become a servant, and the fact never changes and she doesn’t have stargazed in her life, this statement made to repel to Amala Paul.

Mother was consecrated and joining as a student in class X “A”, where her daughter studies in the same school, Abi is not interested and starts to hurt her mother. Watch out the mushy film, is the maiden daughter fulfills mother’s dream or not?

The film was proved on natural frame-up, and songs snatch the viewer’s tending, the only one aspect is not acceptable was a mother joining in the same school for motivating the child, other than the film is hats off to the director.

Verdict: Normal life the concept will not work out. As a drama, a good effort by the team.

Amala Paul




Directed * Ashwini Iyer Tiwari

Produced * Anand L. Rai and Dhanush

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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