Andhra Mess Movie Review

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Genre: Humorous drama * provoking laughter, the quality of being curious made concerning.

Synopsis: The comedies hooked up and mixed with action effectuates. The debut director Jai had directed the film “Andhra Mess” and it was produced by Nirmal. A queer and more typicality trailer content set of noisy with activity up for this film. The base is all about four crooks were getting run off with the huge money bag, which was taken without the owner’s consent and they were locked up in the rural area. In this circumstance, the guys were holding back out, for whom they are struck up.

Story: The film contains erstwhile formula, the four guys, Varadhu (AP Shreethar), Rathna (Raj Bharath), Ritchie (Madhivanan Rajendran) and Sethu (Balaji), who were the thieves, that they steals from someone. These guys work for Devaraj (Vinod). At a point, the boss gives an assignment for them to complete the task. The guys were escaping to Ratnagiri and they were obscure for a long day.

The film works with the consolation level of eccentrics, the screenplay tries to impress the viewers. In the first half the story track of the guys and their humour activities. In some other portions, buffer out by the sequels. The title made peculiar, that the audience would expect different ingredient and the spicy effects were lacking.

The Cinematography of Mukesh, which is effective and he had given glorious output. The BGM portions also worked out in well manner. The music composer Prashanth Pillai had given his outdo. The movie is not gaining the values and the technical aspects gives hands towards the movie.

Verdict: Tasteless food. Lacking in the flavour.


Raj Bharath

AP Shreethar


Pooja Devariya


Mathivanan Rajendran

Balaji Mohan

R Amarendran


Directed by * Jai

Produced by * Nirmal K. Bala

Music by * Prashant Pillai

Cinematography * Mukesh

Production Company * Showboat Studios

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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