Antony Movie Review

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Genre: Confined thriller * an abnormal manner, dread of closed-in places.

Synopsis: In the beginning, the flick made a queer, as the guy Nishanth collided inside a car and this brings forth more active than normal. The screenplay, which was actuated the audience’s forbearance. As the lengthy screenplay dragged out an uncertain cognitive state frame on Nishanth activities that he struggles throughout the film. Most of the bewildered dubiousness arises, how a buried man in a car survival for long hours.

“Antony” film is, almost compressed on a guy’s feeling. The film “Antony” is produced by Antony productions and it was directed by Kuttii Kumar. The artists Nishanth and Lal played a major role, Vaishali and Rekha both had been supporting towards the movie.

Story: Now the story triggers on the hero Antony, once he gets to consciousness that the man couldn’t find out where he was stuck up. For a few minutes, even audience wonder about what is the guy doing inside a car. Next, the frame focuses on Antony’s father, who is a cop in the place of Kodaikanal and gets the retirement from his job.

Simultaneously, his son Antony was a clean-handed guy in his police job. Now the sub inspector Antony keeps affair with Maha both were planning to get married in the registry office, in the presence of only with Antony’s father.

Antony’s mother was not interested in the proposal and she refuses Maha. The reason was Maha is belong to another religion. These situations come as sparkling shoots now and then. The script mainly concentrated on Antony’s struggle.

The guiltless Maha, was waiting in the registry office for a long time, unfortunately Antony doesn’t turn up and everyone started searching Antony. The climax entirely collapses the audience higher energy level. A flash news instants on screen, in the hill station due to landslide occurrence, that the sub inspector has been stuck in the cliff and rescued team protected him from the catastrophe.

Verdict: Feels like, Discovery channel’s Man Vs Wild.







Kuttii Kumar

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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