Appa Movie Review

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Appa movieGenre: Sentimental * fluctuates according to the eccentrics, peeks out of the tears on viewers, as the visuals and dialogues punches to the audiences.

Synopsis: The director Samuthirakani’s previous film “Saattai” highlighted the message towards the society, a teacher shapes the students and changes the attitude of the government school teachers. A beautiful word Appa (Father) is the title of Samuthirakani’s upcoming project and he leads a role model father character for his son. The director sketches the private schools and even targeted at the parents.

Story: A mother sentiment and her sacrifice everything for the child as a single parent, the last week Tamil audience realized the mother value, this week will knock the valuate of fathers care for their children, but the affection is same, bringing up the children in different ways are portrayed. The present society, parents engage in their own profession and no time to care of the children. Modern techniques, new methodological teaching towards the children and high tech environments are shapes the children in a better way. A new bud comes out into the world, Dhayalan has the wish to grow his kid in a peaceful atmosphere, Dhayalan’s wife had an opposite attitude, her child wants to join in the play school, she conscious about the society, even dignity never allowed her that the child is studying in a government school and both were stuck with a misunderstanding, nevertheless getting separated. A rattling, aggressive father was Singamperumal, once his wife conceived everything was pre-planned by him. One and half years play school, two and half years LKG, in X STD the child has to get 100 %, Xll STD should concentrate full fledged on the studies, medicine is in a foreign country, green card, earning a lot and for self-worth social services, overall Singamperumal’s dreams were squeezed on his young son. Next is Nadunilaiyan mold his son, keep flexible among the society. Finally, life of three children was directed at a different angle. A different way of approach by Dhayalan, when his son attracts with the opponent’s gender.

As a director and the father of the child is played by Samuthirakai, keeps positive energy about the human beings is the tangible hero. The climax of the film really hits the parents, who push the children for the education in the interior place in the schools.

Verdict: Government Vs Private institutions. “Saattai” targeted at government schools, “Appa” private schools.


Samuthirakani * Dhayalan

Thambi Ramaiah * Singamperumal

Namo Narayana * Nadunilaiyan

J. Vignesh * Vetrieeswaran

Raghav * Chakravarthy

Nasath * Mayilvaganam

Gabriella Charlton * Sagira Baby

Yuva Shree



Directed * Samuthirakani

Produced * Samuthirakani

Written * Samuthirakani

Music * Ilaiyaraaja

Cinematography * Richard M. Nathan

Edited * A. L. Ramesh

Production company * Naadodigal Productions

Distributed * Etcetera Entertainments

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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