Apsara interacted with Jammu and Kashmir’s Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah. 

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Apsara Reddy, who was inducted into politics by Madam Jayalalithaa and represents her party on National TV debates was invited to Kolkata to speak on Federalism and how the country needs to move towards regional autonomy. During the conference Apsara interacted with Jammu and Kashmir’s Former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah. They both spoke on how India should move away from this centralised dictation of policies and inflicting decisions on States. Apsara also discussed empowering transgender communities in Jammu and Kashmir. 

Omar Abdullah shared his views on Pakistan elections and said “We must all give the newly elected PM a chance to govern before we judge his intentions” 

Apsara and Omar Abdullah agreed to focus on working on issues that will make our Nation truly federal where States are allowed to function without the Centre’s interference. 

Apsara said, “I believe strongly that whilst we are all function under a federal set-up, there is a great injustice done to states that don’t display subservience to the supreme power! that is not federalism, there is a different word beginning with d and ending with p for this style of governance.

The federal relationship is our country is souring because the leaders at the top don’t identify with, empathise with or care enough about the regional colours, the tastes or their sustenance. Colouring us all in one bright colour under the name of leadership and nation building poses a grave danger to our international image, our secular principles, equitable economic growth and natural resources.”


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