Aranmanai 2 Movie Review

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Aranmanai 2Genre: Drollery * is compressed and the effectiveness pretermitted comparisons with the previous part of the film,

Repulsion * has-been constrained and flows gradually from the starting and it continues till the end of the drama.

Shuddered * had observed like infantile, what would be the next happen already shown in the former movie.

Outline: The title “Aranmanai 2” is the next version of “Aranmanai”, the director’s multi concentration had dribbled out on the script. Comparability with Hansika Motwani character, orphan child in the first version, in the second version, Hanski had a loving family member, but Maya’s (Hansika) Father and elder brother are cheating Maya for her action, and as usual, Maya was obliterated by her father and elder brother,next the scene obviously was starting to revenge her family.

Story: A horror retaliation core as the theme song and title foretell the stuff to the content. Maya is the sole daughter for Radharavi, and she was getting engaged, on the precise day, eloping with Vaibhav, who is the lover of Maya. After a few years later, Siddharth was traveling to Bangalore for a presentation to the hospital, he was noticed, Maya was pregnant and the whole family convinces to take back and made them to settle down in the town. Here is the situation generates, Maha was dragged out from the train in a cunning method, Radharavi and elder son Subbu Panchu Arunachalam put to death in a horrible and Maya was starting to avenge one by one. Check out the movie, the same formula is applied in the film and the ending portion was completed with the help of god power, with a repugnance dance song by Kushbhoo.

The story was a recap of “Aranmanai” not been seen a much newer concept, instead of the egg testing, in the part 2 lemon examining process was stuffed, the ghost was choosing a body (Trisha Krishnan) to control and kill the people. Even fixing the camera on the walls to find the appearance of the ghost, a child can visible to the spirit too applied. The theme song is a promotional song to convince the audience.

Verdict: Same script with slight modification. “Aranmanai 2” version 2.


Sundar. C * Ravi

Sidharth * Morality

Trisha * Anitha

Hansika * Maya

Poonam Bajwa * Manju

Soaring * Maari Muthu


Radha Ravi

Subhu Panju

Mano Bala

Kovai Sarala




Jaya Balan


Director * Story * Screen Play * Sundar . C

Cinematography * U.K. Senthil Kama

Music * Hip Hop Tamizha

Producer * Khushbu Sundar. C

PRO * Johnson


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