Arudra Movie Review

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Genre: A suspense * content which is filled with the emotions, an excessively affected by frenetic, bursting out with the violent emote.

Synopsis: Pa. Vijay focused his first movie with horror mixed up with comedy and his second attempt was targeted on societal consequence and he has been exploding out all the frustration that is happening towards the small buds.

The troika dimension artist Pa. Vijay, who is given a cognizance for the audience and especially the sequels and visualization made exerting to the parents who have girl children.

The tale targets for the female children who have treated vulnerability by the adults, even though the schools educated the children of “GOOD TOUCH & BAD TOUCH” still the kids are facing the molestation in the society. This baseline was kept and the film exposed to all aspects of commercial.

Story: The senior artist Bhagyaraj who is projected as in the investigative role, along with him Y.G. Mahendran, S. A. Chandrasekar and Mayil Samy have been balanced the screenplay by their performance. A normal human being Vijay, who is concerned about his business and in this constrain circumstance that he concentrate with the social issues, which is happening among the society. The guy visit to the schools and explicit on the “Good Touch and Bad Touch”

In his quotidian schedule and with all busy situations, the sequels moves with more fuzzy murders by this critical situation the cop was helpless in finding out the killer and they approached towards a detective incumbent Bhagyaraj and he enters in Vijay’s apartment that the detective man mingle with everyone and behaves casually with everyone and finding out who is this the culprit of continuous murders.

During the investigation, the group gathering the information, in that apartment a guy who is sketched for everything and executed the murders in a magnificent way. At last, the film exposures with a flashback and ends with an endorsement wrench.

Pa. Vijay concentrated with all directions, on the technical aspects and songs, flashback and emotions, everything turned out in well manner.

Verdict: Awareness programme on big screen.

3.5 / 5


Pa. Vijay



SA Chandrasekaran


Directed by * Pa. Vijay

Produced by * Pa. Vijay

Music by * Vidyasagar

PRO * Yuvraaj

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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