Aruvi Movie Review

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Genre: Sociable-political * a dramatic show intended for carrying into action by the actors in the flick.

Synopsis: The film “Aruvi” is the contentedness that engaged on about a girl, who is socially torment. The movie is directed by Arun Prabu Purushothaman and the picture is produced by Dream Warrior Pictures. A sinless lady who was born in the midriff of all time uprising eco-social surroundings and obtains it is tough to sustain in the society. And the lady resolves to take it gruelling on the masses.

Story: A vivid girl Aruvi (Adithi Balan), who is a middle-class girl and her family based on normal economical parentage, the family leads a happy life but once she met with an accident after that the young girl faces for many unfortunate, which state resulting from unfavourable outcomes in her life. Now the parents were rejected her and she adjudicated to act on insurgent, unfortunately the society is not avowedly to her. The girl who resolves to direct about the survival life among the society and she go to the shows and covers her face and the trio person’s were penetrating when she was in solitary circumstances. The girl rises, many questions towards the rich people and thwarting that people forgets the humanity by giving her frustration the screenplay move in a reasoning itinerary.

The unveiling director Arun Purushotham, who standardized of fabled directors flour by quizzical the veneer towards the society. The actress Adithi Balan gives the best in the film. Overall the movie speaks about hassles revolving around the society.

Verdict: Virtuously admirable.


Aditi Balan * Aruvi

Anjali Varadhan * Emily

Lakshmi Gopalswami

Madhankumar Dhakshinamoorthy

Shwetha Shekar *Jessy

Arnold Mathew

Praniti * Aruvi’s childhood




Directed by * Arun Prabu Purushothaman

Produced by * S R Prakashbabu and
S R Prabhu

Music by * Bindhu Malini
Vedanth Bharadwaj

Cinematography * Shelley Calist

Edited by * Raymond Derrick Crasta

Production company * Dream Warrior Pictures

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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