Asuravadham Movie Review

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Genre: Action * based thriller content, it is showing malicious act, a spite man was planning to desire to revenge.

Synopsis: The director Maruthupandian, keeps up an excited anticipation of an approaching climax. The viewers linked with the eccentrics on an emotional aspect. The film track with substantial feeling and meshed the audience with the firm grip even, the commercial-grade tried out in a well manner. The flick “Asuravadham” gives an over-the-top in the screenplay and it has been set forth in the village area and it gives the soil aroma for the audience.

Story: In the unfolding, Samayan had been keeping up with a own shop. In a situation, an aggressive and violent criminal, often receives numerous missed calls from a strange number. By this continuous call the guy gets annoying. At a point, an unknown man Sasikumar, starts to converse on the phone.

Frequently the man who gets irritated by Sasikuamar and at a peak, the vindictive guy says that for a week period, irritation continues after that Samayan breathing will come to an end. After all these wrenches, Samayan begs towards Sasikumar for his life. By this pathetic situation, will Sasikumar stop revenging him or by the strong flashback Sasikumar overcomes his mendicancy.

In Indian film, we would have seen many avenging scripts, Asuravadham is one step forward, that the director worked with distinctly. Sasikumar has moved to comfy platform. Next, the cinematography by Kathir was rattling. The BGM was prodigious and both of them matches the subsequences.

Verdict: a resplendent approach for avenging the felonious.


M. Sasikumar

Nandita Swetha



Directed by * Maruthupandian

Produced by * Leela Lalitkumar

Screenplay by * Maruthupandian

Music by * Govind Menon

Cinematography * S. R. Kathir

Edited by * R. Govindaraj

Production Company * Seven Screen Studios

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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