Aval Movie Review

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Genre: Thriller * tremble convulsively, as from fear or excitement, coinciding horror blended incessantly.

Synopsis: Unfolding with Siddharth and Andrea both snappy romantic was pictured in an abhorrence. In the Kollywood the directors believed that the horror content certain stuffed with the mirthful, but this film breaks up the concept. The script follows with thrill experience and the horrific sound effectuates elans the panic-struck.

Story: The flick usual play script, the ghost never allows the new entry people in a house that follows with a flashback hits down. In the Himalaya range, a newly married happiest couple Krish (Siddharth), who is psychiatric and a doctor who opens up the brain and does the surgery in an advanced method and his wife Lakshmi (Andrea), was a housewife, both leads the felicitous life, their happy life was getting collapsed once a new neighbourhood imparts the house warming ceremony invitation to them. Paul’s (Atul Kulkarni) family purchases the Krish neighbour’s  house and started to survive, in a few days Paul’s elder daughter, Jenny experience the extrasensory activities in the house.

All of sudden, Krish’s chief doctor Prasad (Suresh) was diagnosis Paul’s daughter Jenny by giving hypnotherapy and with the help of a sacerdotal, detecting out Jenny was adhered in with two souls and finding out the flashback of a 60 years before the Chinese family’s tragedy and watch out, who is rescued Paul’s family and Krish’s family from the evil with tickled vividness.

The play makes the audience interesting by envisioned in the Hollywood range. Siddharth and Andrea both well worked with amorous positions. The greatest strength of the flick was Jenny had been supporting towards the movie.

Verdict: Good attempt


Siddharth Narayan

Andrea Jeremiah

Atul Kulkarni

Anisha Victor


Director * Milind Rau

Producer * Siddharth

Music * Girishh G

Cinematographer * Shreyaas Krishna

Editing * Lawrence Kishore

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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