Ayogya Movie Review

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A misdirected man’s lifestyle, climax made him proud with his decision.

Synopsis: “Ayogya” a corrupted sub inspector Karnan molded himself to a life depends on the money and his mind directs to lead illicit activities from his childhood. The debut director Venkat Mohan fetches a 2015 Tolloywood movie “Temper” and he had been harmonized to Tamil audience. The film “Ayogya” has been faced issues to release on appropriate time.

From the beginning, the corrupted inspector Karnan supports for the gangster head Parthiban, once he reaches Chennai city that he releases Parthiban’s four brothers here his mistake starts, never show interest when a mother compliant about her missing daughter, which he thinks looting money from others is not a great offense. Unfortunately, Karnan calculation makes him wrong. When started for supporting a gangster, missing college girl’s life was getting spoiled by Parthiban’s brothers.

“Mahabharata” Karnan who is a philanthropist quite opposite sub inspector Karnan grab the money from the other people, Karnan orphan life pushes him in a wrong direction. The film was produced by B. Madhu and distributed by Light House Movie Makers, music has been composed by Sam C. S. The cinematographer of the film is Karthik and editing portions was focused by Ruben.

Story: An orphan boy Karnan suffer to lead his normal life, a local looter trains him to steal the money. Once he observes police had legal rights to get money from the public people in the name of penalties that he decided to become as a policeman. By using wrong path Karnan getting a degree to achieve his destination as a cop.

Money is the ultimate goal for Karnan, with the help of a minister, Parthiban, who is the smuggler placing Karnan in Chennai as a sub inspector to safeguard his brothers who were locked up in a local police station. Once he enters the police station made them to escape and getting luxurious life from the gangster. In this scenario, a lady come to the police station for giving compliant about her missing daughter. But the greedy man never takes step for the lady.

First half goes around Karnan illicit behavior pushes to peak. Now the cop falls in love with a pet lover. A smuggler leader and his gang chase the strange woman. Unfortunately, they were starting to hit on Karnan’s lover. Now the Karnan lover asking a gift to her that he wanted to protect the unknown lady. Now the corrupted cop has changed upside down by giving a statement and the evidence by the stranger. The climax wasn’t cinematic, which gives an emotional response from the audience.

Vishal always tries out to hold a unique place in the Tamil cinema that he didn’t spoil by his performance, each and every artists done their splendid performances when their eccentric flashes on screen. Especially, R. Parthiban that he was compressed both comedy and villain nature in a single character. Next is K. S. Ravi Kumar, who have performed in a Constable Kader that he upgrading in his acting, as usual Yogi Babu used in the few sequences, which didn’t disappoint his audience. When Vishal was setting the dialogues with Raashi Khanna there was a mismatch of dialogues were observed, BGM and songs need more power to hit the audience.

Verdict: powerful climax

Rating: 3 / 5


Vishal * Sub Inspector Karnan

Raashi Khanna

R. Parthiban

K. S. Ravikumar * Constable Kader


Pooja Devariya

Sonia Agarwal

M. S. Bhaskar


Directed by *Venkat Mohan

Cinematography * Karthik

Produced * B. Madhu

Story by * Vakkantham Vamsi

Editing by * Akkineni Sreekar Prasad

Music by * Sam C. S

PRO * Johnson

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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