Azhagu Kutti Chellam Movie Review

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azhagu-kutty-chellamGenre: An assortment of emotional * feelings in the categories of young tykes, with the teenagers and even adults had a bond with a baby one.

Outline: In the production company of ‘Neeya Naana’ Anthony’s and fused with the director Charles presented a social cause related and scramble to get success based film. In a school Suresh was a principal, the school was run under the donations. Every year the children play a Christmas drama to attract the audience, but the school principal invites a guest to collect the fud for the school development and less fee with good education. To do a show live, the children exhibit on the stage a alive Jesus baby. And the guest was admired by the children’s performance even they were mixed-up with some errors.

Story: In the opening a young girl was a Chess player and she was attracted by a co-player. Before the marriage the young girl got pregnant, simultaneously Karunas love to acquire a male baby, but his wife delivered every time female baby. In the same school, a teacher worried about her fate, that she was not given birth to a baby. Again characters are included a couple from Srilanka, both was missing the baby in the war. Watch out the Azhagu Kutti Chellam movie, a baby’s importance and the gender not a matter to the parents.

More characters are overate in the film, even they didn’t squash with other eccentrics. The actor Suresh was precise of the school principal role. But the children kidnapping scenes were not admonished, alternative they have encouraged by the elders. The ending song is a catchy one by the singer.

Verdict: A beauty of the children, made beautiful in the movie.


Akhil as Saravanan



Thambi Ramaiah



John Vijay

Meera Krishnan









Rajesh Gunasekar

Neha Babu

Ken Karunas




Metro Priya


Directed * Charles

Produced * ‘Neeya Naana’ Anthony

Written * Charles

Music * Ved Shankar

Cinematography * Vijay Armstrong

Edited * B. Pravin Baaskar

Production company * Mercury Networks


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