Bairavaa Movie Review

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bairavaGenre: Action * in the film was fine-tune.

Synopsis: A smarter hero Vijay, who is sustaining his appearance and certainly not compromises on vacillating the outlook, but precipitously gets the box office hit in all upcoming flicks and that he was charming of opting with the scripts. The title “Bairavaa” is a Hindu deity who is atrocious, frightful and protector of the timid and in general womanhoods who are timid in nature. As the god Bairavaa, our hero Bairavaa had a nature of guards the people and this was presented in a cinematic way.

Story: As the movie had prolonged to 169 minutes. A slight and quick opening for our mass hero and continue to risible interaction with Sathish as Shanmugam, Bairavaa who works as a money collecting agent for the reputed Bank, as his manager Y. G. Mahendran was cheated and injury from a rowdy gang by not giving a loan of Rs. 64 lakhs, Bairavaa uses his techniques and collection a lump amount in a short time, once the scene gets over next was, Y. G. Mahendran is inviting Bairavaa for his daughter’s marriage. Here is Malarvizhi (Keerthy Suresh) attending for the same marriage. Bairavaa was acquiring love affair at first sight with Malarvizhi and the marriage was over Malarvizhi about moves to Tirunelveli, Bairavaa planning to propose her by giving roses, Malarvizhi almost reached to the Koyambedu bus terminus and for go back to her place Tirunelveli. Here is the twirl to the story, a Central Ministry son was getting bruised by a rowdy gang for gifting the roses to Malarvizhi. Once Bairavaa observers all what was happening in the terminus and he gives knock out to the gang, Bairavaa forces Malarvizhi to say her situations in her place. Periyakannu who is a normal person, raucous and reached out as Businessman in a short period by doing malpractice and he prefers educational institution for earning more money, without basic facilities the two girls Malarvizhi and Vaishali joins in PK’s college, and this was noticed by the students and sending compliant to the higher authorities, once they reach the college and find out nothing being provided to the students and the authorities finalized to cancel the approval. PK plan to give money to settle the issue, but they refuse and PK understand their weakness was ladies and Vaishali was getting spoiled and murdered, the rest of the story Bairavaa how gets horrifying, frightful and protects Malarvizhi and gives voices for Vaishali.

The Educational institution is being targeted in the upcoming Tamil films, Vijay’s jouncing and stylish acting can observed by his fans. The songs and BG are all right, but not reach out to the peak level.

Verdict: Holding


Vijay * Bairavaa

Keerthy Suresh * Malarvizhi

Jagapathi Babu * Periyakannu

Sathish * Shanmugam

Y. G. Mahendra

Rajendran * M. Rajendran

Daniel Balaji * Kottai Veeran

Aparna Vinod * Vaishali

Papri Ghosh

Mime Gopi * Karuvadu Kumar

Harish Uthaman * Prabha

Sharath Lohitashwa

Aadukalam Naren * Malarvizhi’s father

G. Marimuthu * Doctor


Directed * Bharathan

Music * Santhosh Narayanan

Written * Bharathan

Edit by * Praveen K. L

Cinematography * M. Sukumar

Produced by * B. Bharathi Reddy

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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