Balam (Kaabil) Movie Review

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balamGenre: Amorous * between a young couple, which was led to a tragedy.

Synopsis: The film “Kaabil” dubbed in the Tamil and Telugu twain of languages, the movie was directed by Sanjay Gupta, music by Rajesh Roshan, written by Vijay Kumar Mishra and was produced by Rakesh Roshan. The family had tired out their full efforts, but Hrithik Roshan holds the story by his performance. In Tamil the flick was titled as “Balam” a strength of visually challenged people love story end up with wretchedness.

Story: Invariability Bollywood scrambles for the script, first half of the film meshing the audiences with the romantic sequels, the second half Hrithik Roshan revenges the people, for the sake of his wife and she was forced to attempt suicide, Hrithik Roshan roleplayed as an unsighted guy, who has fitted him as a dubbing artist and falls love with the Supriya (Yami Gautam), and she was visually disabled. Both are bonding themselves as a married couple among the society and within the few sequences happy life gets contrary.

An enrapturing love story of Rohan’s life turned into ferocious ended, whose blind wife was rapped by two guys and they had a political background for repeating the erroneous. All in the Indian cinematic way, how the hero was avenged on cruel guys Amit and Wasim.

An immense plus for the film is romantic between the couple, where in the place of the shopping complex, both were missing, and Rohan holds the hands of Zupriya, says never miss you again in a lifetime, Rohan chooses footwear for his girlfriend and explicate the rhythms of romance. Using his wondrous vox Rohan starts to kill people and he made Supriya’s soul to be at rest. Finally, downs were compensated by Hrithik Roshan the way he carries out the movie and even the twinkly girl Yami Gautam.

Verdict: Full fledged eagerness was burst out.

Hrithik Roshan * Rohan Bhatnagar
Yami Gautam * Supriya Bhatnagar
Ronit Roy * Madhavrao Shellar
Rohit Roy * Amit Shellar
Narendra Jha * Police Officer Chaubey
Suresh Menon * Zafar
Md. Sahidur Rahaman * Wasim


Directed by * Sanjay Gupta
Produced by * Rakesh Roshan
Music by * Rajesh Roshan

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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