Balloon Movie Review

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Genre: Horror * completely quietus, manifestly comedies are perked up.

Synopsis: In the drama the hero Jai (Jeevanandham), forced to take a horror movie by the producer, in the real unveiling director Sinish popped out his debut film with the horror content. The hero Jai, Anjali and the junior artist naughty boy character (Pappu), play a vital role and Yogi Babu who is unifying comic with horror and made an entertaining film to the viewers. Usually horror script based with the revenge similar “Balloon” is the storyline of avenging.

Story: Once again the couple Jai and Anjali joined in the film “Balloon”, Jeevanandham is a debut filmmaker, who had a nativity based script to direct, but the producer is interested to work with Jeevanandham. Unfortunately the producer situation, forced to impart the current trend is horror films had the market and he says that certainly works with the guy Jeevanandham’s nativity script has his second project. The married couple frequently gets insulted with family members that they depend on Jeevanandham’s brother and they planned to settle after directing the first movie. This situation made Jeevanandham to go for a horror story.

The pair, his brother’s son Pappu and couple of friends, travels to Ooty to feel the spirit and go for lively content. While they stay in a cottage, Pappu had a mischief with the little spirit, later all of them feels extrasensory behaviour. The small boy Pappu staggers up on a doll. Again changes were felt by the lady Jeevanandham’s wife Jacqueline and the both spirits searches for one more soul and how they are revenge that were killed and had twenty minute flashback.

Yogi Babu comedy is strength towards the story, Jai and Anjali are decent pair both are okay on screen, Pappu eccentric is best next to Yogi Babu in the comic sequels, Yuvan Shankar Raja music was pretermitting out. The flashback was the oddest at the final touch, other than “Balloon” is just entertaining enough to be worth watching.

Verdict: Laughable compressed with revulsion.


Jai *Jeevanandham & Charlie

Anjali *Jacqueline

Janani Iyer

Chandini Tamilarasan

Yogi Babu

Karthik Yogi

Raj Tarun


Directed by * Sinish

Produced by * Dhilip Subbarayan, Arun Balaji & Nandakumar

Music by * Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography * R. Saravanan

Edited by * Ruben

Production Company * 70mm Entertainment and Farmer’s Master Plan Productions

Distributed by * Auraa Cinemas

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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