Bandeya – New Single by Kshitij Tarey

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‘Bandeya Bandeya Bandeya Chahe Jo Tu Kamana Ishq Kama O Bandeya…’ This energetic Sufi melody by composer-singer Kshitij Tarey, that talks about how everyone is equal. It expresses how we all have been born from the same soil, and will return to it at the end of life. We should therefore rise above small things, set aside our differences, destroy hatred and spread love in the world. The video portrays how a woman burdened with her own sorrow brings happiness into her life through a simple act of love and kindness.

Kshitij Tarey, who has many soulful hits to his name like, Yaad Piya ki Aaye, Aye Khuda from Murder 2, Tose Naina, Madno, etc. is rather excited about this new single and believes “we have one life & we should use this to spread love. This world can be such a better place if we all use our hearts a little more and help others without expecting too much in return. It can be a circle, a circle of giving life.”

Released under the music label of Strumm Sounds, the video is now available here –


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