Bangalore Naatkal Movie Review

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bangalore-naatkalGenre: Excessive agitation, feeling * flows among the characters, builds emotions touch to the audience.

Outline: A comedy script “Bangalore Day” is a fine remake of Malayalam movie, which been supported as the natural output given by the eccentrics. The cousin of Sri Divya, Bobby Simha and Ariya were playing a lead role, and Rana Daggubati, Parvathy, Raai Laxmi and Samantha have been affirming to extend their emotions and the steer lineaments to get the tragedy life.

Story: The director Bommarillu Bhaskar mold up the Malayalam edition without giving any opus in anywhere in the construction of film making, Sri Devi, Bobby Simha and Ariya were bonded with closed in their childhood. Everyone had their own wants, and they are pulled down by the situations, in these berths, all were being dragged out of the place in Bangalore, and the sequence steps into the emotional adhesions. Watch out the film, the cousin is back up with the stipulates, and thus being made an entertaining to the audiences with drollery mixed up.

“Bangalore Naatkal” boosting up the film by the involvement of the actors. The techniques of GK Guhan’s cinematography virtues in the scenes are the tone up to the film.

Verdict: A sound of visual treat, family based entertainment movie.


Arya * Arjun (Ajju)
Sri Divya * Divya Raghavan (Ammu)
Bobby Simha * Kannan (Kutty)
Rana Daggubati * Shiva Prasad
Parvathy * Sarah Elizabeth
Raai Laxmi * Lakshmi
Samantha * Grace
Prakash Raj * Grace’s father
Saranya Ponvannan * Kannan’s mother
Rekha * Sarah’s mother
M. S. Bhaskar * Kannan’s father
Pattimandram Raja * Raghavan Divya’s father
Sriranjini * Divya’s mother
Paris Laxmi * Michelle Prince
Sijoy Varghese * Coach Zechriah
Sajid Yahiya * Saamy


Directed * Bommarillu Bhaskar
Produced * Prasad V. Potluri
Music * Gopi Sunset
Cinematography * K. V. Guyana
Edited * Marthand K. Venkatesh
Production companies * PVP Cinema
Bommarillu Bhaskar Cinema
Distributed * PVP Cinema


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