Bayam Oru Payanam Movie Review

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Bayam-Oru-PayanamGenre: compare to the previous Tamil horror flicks, horrendous elongates till the end of the film,

Synopsis: The director Manisharma never compromised by applying comedies mixed up with horror content, a journalist whose article made a twist in his life and he inches the sequences to hit the viewers’ by succinct.

Story: At the commencement of the film, a journalist Ram (Bharath Reddy) who was traveling in a forest with his family for shooting the pictures, a broker Kavariman (Singampuli) helping Ram to a deserted bungalow, where in the bungalow he experiences some terrible by the ghosts. A woman spirit makes him scary and he had found out a memory card, in that he was visualized some images of a girl compromising postures and he calls one of his friends in Chennai and attempts to mail the photos it was getting failed. To all scarred appearance, he couldn’t realize the reason why the spirit chases him and gives trouble to his family. Finally, gimmick followed him and to his family members, check out the film a journalist’s child protects him from the ghost.

Verdict: List of Tamil horror films, this movie made the audiences to satisfy.


Bharath Reddy


Vishakha Singh



Yogi Babu

Jangiri Madhumitha

King Kong

‘Lollu Sabha’ Manohar

Dinesh Shravana


Directed * Manisharma

Produced * S. Durai
S. Shanmugam

Music * Y. R. Prasad

Cinematography * I. Andrew

Edited * L. V. K. Dass Daniel

Production company * Octo Spider Productions

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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