Bayama Irukku Movie Review

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Genre: Horror * cause to be unpleasantly surprised at the ending.

Synopsis: The unveiling director Jawahar had given a revulsion film, “Bayama Irukku” in the tale Santhosh Prathap and Reshmi Menon plays a prominent role and the artists Rajendran, Bharani, Jagan, Lollu Sabha Jeeva and Kovai Sarala were supporting the film with their comedy sequels. In the opening, the flick tempted in the place of Yalpanam, where the hero goes in search of family members and returning back to start a happy life with his wife and newly born baby.

Story: The title “Bayama Irukku” only exaggerated the affright, but the movie contains funninesses with the artists of Rajendran, Bharani, Jagan, Lollu Sabha Jeeva and these guys were friends for Santhosh Prathap. The hero Santhosh who lives with wife in a lonely place and the four friends steps in towards Santhosh Prathap’s house and understanding that his wife was a ghost. But spirit targets anybody says that she is a ghost. Now the four guys had a responsibility is to protect their friend from the ghost.

In the concerning there is a twirl that Santhosh trusts that his wife is still possessing the life, now the friends wants to make understand him and guys plans to take away Santhosh from the ghost, they meet a necromancer Kovai Sarala to get ensue to this hassle.

The director has been given a Masala mixed flavour regrettably it is not working out properly. The music director Sathya’s music has given fortify to the film.

Verdict: Scary – less with Undigested climax.


Santhosh Prathap

Reshmi Menon

Kovai Sarala




Lollu Sabha



Directed by * Jawahar

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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