Bhaagamathie Movie Review

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Genre: Thriller * compressed with an anserine suspense and run a risk story for the heroine.

Synopsis: Absolutely, horror stuffed only with the prevue portions, the content is all about based on a subverted political leader, who makes the false impression with the people and “Bhaagamathie” eccentric was used by an IAS officer Sanchala (Anushka) to hold up the truth among the people. The film “Bhaagamathie” is a bilingual, which was grip up for Tamil and Telugu audiences. The flick entirely focused on Anushka role, along with her Unni Mukundan, Jayaram, and Asha Sarath were played a splendour role. A lady Sanchala, who was jailed in an entrapped as horror palace and the sequels whelms the Bhaagamathie eccentric.

Story: A clean handed politician Eswar Prasad, gets an honest opinion among the people and the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), prodigious to put forward for the investigating. An officer Vaishnavi (CBI officer), was appointed to lock up Eswar Prasad. A personal secretary Chanchala (IAS) for Eswar Prasad, who was imprisoned in the murdered case and she has been trapped by CBI officer Vaishnavi.

The lady Chanchala was pushed in an exaggerated bungalow to inquire all the illicit details about Eswar Prasad. While in the investigation Vaishnavi hadn’t gotten any loop hole to hold Eswar Prasad and in the palace Bhaagamathie eccentric supercharge within Chanchala and some of the portions Anushka’s quondam movies resembles.

Once the officers start to get restless in the case and release Chanchala from the bungalow and puts in a mental hospital to get treatment for her behaviour. At last, Vaishnavi was capturing the intellectual treatment of Chanchala towards Eswar Prasad in the visual aspect of Bhaagamathie character. Check out the film “Bhaagamathie” in theatre why was Chanchala was jailed and Bhaagamathie eccentric is worked out on the whole in the film.

The film is aimed only for Anushka and she had given as usual performances there is no lacking in her areas. The title expectation might give a drawback towards the audiences and there is no much horror to experience.

Verdict: Disappointing


Anushka Shetty * Chanchala Reddy/Bhaagamathie

Jayaram * Eswar Prasad

Unni Mukundan * Shakthi

Asha Sarath * CBI Joint director Vaishnavi

Prabhas Sreenu


Murali Sharma * ACP

Thalaivasal Vijay

Vidyullekha Raman


Directed by * G. Ashok

Produced by * V. Vamsi Krishna Reddy

Written by * G. Ashok

Music by * S. Thaman

Cinematography * R. Madhi

Edited by * Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao

Production Company * UV Creations

PRO * Nikkil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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