Billa Pandi Movie Review

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The dramatic value is arresting still in the erstwhile genre, highly emotional intelligence influence with the tactics of the actor Ajith Kumar.

Synopsis: “Billa Pandi” is being shaped by the duality artist of R. K. Suresh has been forced on producing and acting. In a rural area Pandi who is die hard fans of Thala Ajith Kumar and this film crackers on Deepavali that Thala fans gets energetic. Initially, the audience would have been busting out multiple fluctuations that where the story is going on. 

Billa Pandi who keeps affairs on his aunty’s daughter in the first half and his attitude is based on helping the downtrodden people, in MGR period movies the hero suddenly dives for an innocent girl, that is happening in “Billa Pandi”. Even the guy changes his name as Billa Pandi in all the official documents. 

Story: Once the guy Pandi convert his name as in Billa Pandi and in the rural areas he works as a building constructor, the young man leads a lethargic attitude that his relatives worried about that their daughter and Pandi were keeps affairs from childhood days. 

The script travels in distinct dimension in the first half, here is changes come out in Billa Pandi life, once the construction work gets over that own of the building daughter Jaya falls in love with Billa Pandi by seeing his distinct behaviour. 

The one side love makes a tragedy in Jaya’s life, her parents opposed her love and plan to get married to some other guy. This situation made her annoyed and by a frustrated she drag the car and the family gets into an accident. 

Her parents face to a spot out expect Jaya, that too, she fixes up with a disease, being the 21 year lady that her behaviour was like seven year girl. In that case, Billa Pandi avoids aunty’s daughter and taking care of Jaya. Finally, old type of climax is being observed, Thambi Ramaiah the only artist who has been balancing the story throughout the film.

Verdict: Not bad.


1.5 / 5


R K Suresh

Thambi Ramaiah



Direct by * Saravana Sakthi

Produced by * R K Suresh

Ilayavan * Music Director

PRO * Nikkil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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